When it rains gasoline essay

Monologue (When it rains gasoline) The script that I have chosen is from the internet (http://www. dramaticwriter. com/Alysa. html) About an obnoxious and a spoiled teenage girl named Alyssa who shares her feelings about her parents, her friends and how she thinks she’s going to be treated at the dance. It’s prom night for her, the most important night of her life according to her. This monologue comes from a play called ‘ When it rains gasoline’. This play was first produced at an English Language Festival in Timisora, Romania in 2002.

It is a full-length play in one act about teenagers hanging out, holding up, getting down, and falling through. It is a harsh play that looks at the harsh reality of teenage life in today’s schools. Being a teenager myself I feel I can relate to this girl, because this is something we all go through at least once.

In this script the girl has a mixture of emotions, jealousy being the main. A little anger and excitement about the prom being the other emotions portrayed. This is the reason why I have chosen this script.

It is something all teenagers can relate to easily. The method of acting that I have chosen is Stanislavski’s method. After my research on his works and his methods, I discovered that his method acting states that while acting, apply emotional recall and react to the given circumstances. I have chosen his method because as I have stated earlier, my script is something all teenagers can relate to, we all have been through instances of anger, we have been through moments where we have been jealous of others of our age. Stanislavski’s method has taught me that for any role that we play we must put ourselves in the shoes of that character and portray the given emotion as our own. To portray the emotion we must recall an incident from our life where we have been in such a situation or a very similar situation.

The idea is to bring out the same emotion that we had during that incident we have recalled. For my convenience, to learn my lines, I divided my script into a few parts, where the end of the previous part would link me to the beginning of the next part. This is how I have learnt my lines. To prepare the piece, I recited my lines again and again until I got them right. I rehearsed in front of the mirror to watch my own expressions and actions. I have tried and put myself in Alyssa’s shoes and tried to get the emotions of jealousy, anger n sadness out by recalling an incident from my personal life where I experienced similar emotions.