Well how does technology infuse my life ?

Well how does technology infuse my life ? Well technology is everything in this world to move cars to operate machines also to track people all those things and more are technology. This planet that we call earth is filled with technology we use it everyday we are always around technology 24/7 365 days technology is what make this world a better place. I love to be inventor some day create something spactacler something that no one have ever seen before I want to do that and that will happen some day. Technology for me opens a whole new world in my mind gives me ideas to apply next like it gives me the source to do something also to think what to say what do and so on. Technology is like trying a candy that you never seen before you taste it you like it then it becomes your favorite the same go with the technology in this world we take a bit of it then we become addicted to it when I first receive my first ipod I was so happy this was at the age of 8 I tested out the device and at some point I told myself this is what I want to. Work with devices Jailbreak Iphones , Ipads , imac , all apple products android all those things that’s what I love to do so from that moment on my life started I knew that this is not going to be easy but we all have to give it a little try so I did. The years go by at the age of 15 I started to create my own ideas for apple product that are jail broken I started to try out new things unlocking secrets for my knowledge from that moment I started to create sources for the public on cydia. Things I created was to give oppuntinly for iphone user that don’t have the money to support a iphone 4 4s 5 but have the 3gs I created a way to put ios 6 things on the version that you have for example version 5. 1. 1. with that version you can’t do more that you expected what l’ve done is giving the users the advantages to use siri on devices that are not supported that shows that you are not left alone I did that because of one thing ‘’community’’ this world needs to learn how to get together become a family that’s why I did it . What technology really means to me is that anything that has to do with computer I’m the guy for it that what I love to do. I have a dream and that dream is to achieve a goal that I’m going get and that is to become the next steve jobs but better that what technology infuse in my life. Thank you