“Weirdly Popular” by Article Sasha Frere-Jones

The article “Weirdly Popular written by Sasha Frere-Jones narrates about the famous comedian Weird Al Yankovic and his impact on the music industry. The author claims that parodies on popular songs are important for the world of pop culture since they allow engaging people of different ages in it while instilling a sense of belonging (Frere-Jones). This thesis is supported by real-life examples and the feedback of musicians whose songs were parodied by Yankovic.

One of the central ideas of the author is related to the perceptions of pop music among people aged 20 and older. As follows from the survey conducted among this group, they experience anxiety and confusion when talking about pop music (Frere-Jones). The reason for it is the lack of knowledge of popular songs and the feeling of being excluded from this part of life since they graduated from college (Frere-Jones). Nevertheless, such artists as Weird Al allow them to return to the world of music and regain the experience of being involved in this sphere. In this way, the author’s main supporting idea is the benefits of parodies of pop songs for young people in their 20s.

One of the writing moves used by the author is the emotive language. It starts from the beginning of the article when she says that she is “delighted by his presence in the world of pop culture” (Frere-Jones). It continues throughout the text in words about musicians who “feel blessed” about his work and the orientation of Yankovic on those listeners who “feel ashamed to play a chart hit” (Frere-Jones). This technique is useful for creating a feeling of empathy in readers, and the lack of it would make the text less personal and, therefore, less impressive.

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