Voice over ip: a primer for small business

VoIP: A Primer for Small Business Presently, the modern and novel technology has greatly been improvising all the key sectors of business and enhancing almost all the business functional areas. Under these circumstances the Internet telephony so far is not an innovative technology, still, with the new improvement, it has turned out to be consistent and ever-present so it has been observed to be an important choice for the business. As Internet telephony was once an idiosyncrasy most often overwhelmed for imprecise as well as dropped calls, during the current days a well-designed and functional VoIP system has the huge potential to provide call quality as well as reliability as compared to other competitors who generally offers the service of landline calls or mobile phone (Moran).

So VoIP allows us to efficiently make our voice calls all through the similar data network that we generally use for everyday applications like Web access as well as e-mail, thus greatly confiscating the cost of dedicated voice lines (Moran).

The Kaestners company provides a free online test to facilitate and verify the appropriateness of Internet connection designed by considering VoIP. It estimates how many concurrent VoIP calls our network might be possible to hold through measuring its bandwidth of both directions (which may be significantly less than the raw upload bandwidth of network) as well as latency. With the implementation of this technology, we are able to provide better support for the enhanced business administration and efficient working support (Moran).