The Teacher That Made the Greatest Impact on My Life

The acceleration of the pace of development and informatization led to a change in understanding the educational process. It is currently not just a process of familiarization knowledge, skills, and abilities, but also an integral system of personality development and training of professionals (Trimmer et al. 8). Namely, teachers are people who are competent in their field, ready for self-realization and bringing something new on the basis of the acquired experience (Trimmer et al. 8). In particular, the nursing profession is continually evolving around the world: the number of nursing specializations is growing, and their functionality is expanding. New areas of knowledge that nurses need in their daily work appear every day. A nurse today is a medical expert who must simultaneously be a professional, coordinator, scientist, and manager. The task of creating it falls on the shoulders of the entire teaching staff as a whole and each teacher separately. However, some of them succeed in doing so; moreover, teachers can make the greatest impact on their students’ life. In this essay, one of such examples, namely, my teacher who influenced me significantly, will be described.

This teacher is distinguished by the fact that she forms professional skills and knowledge of a future specialist and fosters a sense of responsibility for the life and health of another person. She instills in students humanity, philanthropy, and a sense of compassion. In the learning process, this teacher uses creative methods, which significantly activate motivation and form professional competencies, clinical reasoning, the development of abilities to analyze and synthesize the results obtained, and teaches professional communication. As a result, this improves the quality of the training of the future nurse. It is essential to mention her ability to communicate, creativity, the presence of professional insight and pedagogical intuition, and the ability to logical persuasion. She is exceptionally emotionally stable and knows how to control herself, especially in difficult and controversial situations; she is friendly and sociable with all students.

This person knows how not only to find in medical and pedagogical activities a duty but also to feel in it a constant need and steady interest. Only with the participation and help of a teacher who has a vocation for their work, who owns classical and innovative teaching technologies, can a student be taught the art of communicating with a patient. The profession of a nurse requires not only professional skills but also the tremendous emotional return, which is present in this teacher. She helps create an atmosphere of psychological and spiritual development through detailed and constant work. It consists of learning to distribute and focus on highlighting the most important aspects of the problem under consideration, making timely adjustments, and planning further actions for the examination and treatment of patients. These integral components of the teacher’s professionalism are formed in the process of his daily activities and serve as the basis of pedagogical craftsmanship. As a consequence, she is both a qualified doctor and a professional teacher.

In conclusion, this teacher actually made the greatest impact on my life because she developed a higher love for my chosen profession. She shows by personal example what an ideal nurse should be. Her professional authority, support in difficult situations, high scientific potential, and personal qualities laid in me, as a future nurse, the foundations of clinical reasoning and determined my future high level of professionalism.

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