The sea inside by alejandro amenbar

The paper ” The Sea Inside by Alejandro Amenbar” is a brilliant example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. “ The Sea Inside” is a movie directed and co-written by Alejandro Amenábar. The movie carries a strong theme and it tends to dramatically involve the viewer in the happenings and occurrences of the movie. “ The Sea Inside” portrays the true story based on the happenings in the life of Ramón Sampedro. The occurrences and the conditions in the life of Ramón Sampedro lead him to the initiation of a fight for the right to end his own life. The movie has been beautifully molded with the correct sequences by the director to do justice to the story of Sampedro. I believe that the movie highlights the important aspects and necessities in the life of an individual and it presents insights into the reasons why people actually tend to take strong decisions like assisted suicide for them. Ramón Sampedro was a man who truly lived his life. He traveled across the world as a sailor owing to his job on a ship in his early twenties. His journeys and experiences were far more than many other people of his age. But life had something worst in store for him and an accident during one of his journeys paralyzed his limbs and his body below his neck. This was the end of his adventurous life and he became bedridden. He was taken care of by his family members who included his father Joaquín, his brother, José, his sister-in-law, Manuela and their young child Javi. His accident did not end his motivation of life and he lived his life in the best possible way that he could. He used to write poems and he was the most amusing and witty companion who could instill life into conversations. He spent thirty years of his life independence but deep down he knew that he wanted a life of dignity and it was now the moment for him to end his life.

I believe that Ramón Sampedro possesses the strength of a fighter as he opts for the choice of euthanasia in a society where it was strongly prohibited. He believed that he had nothing to lose and he considered it his right to opt for the decision of assisted suicide. He was supported by a lawyer named Julia who was also suffering from a life hampering disease which would eventually affect her daily activities. Her character added essence to the story and showed the battle of the duo against society.

The perfect script and the scenes of the movie strongly assisted in supporting the emotions and the position of Sampedro. His helplessness is expressed when he says, “ When you can’t escape, and you constantly rely on everyone else, you learn to cry by smiling, you know?” This dialogue indicated the fact that Sampedro was in a very challenging position and his difficulties could only be understood by him. Rosa is a woman who resides in the village and tries to persuade Sampedro to live his life and not opt for assisted suicide. The interaction between Sampedro and Rosa showed the fact that it was Rosa who was actually confused about her life and needed guidance. Sampedro explained to Rosa that any person who would truly love him would support his decision of dying as they would realize his difficult position. Emotional and touching scenes in the movie serve to correctly show the emotions of the character of Sampedro. This is specifically seen when Julia’s condition worsens and she falls down and cannot stand up. She calls out to Sampedro for help. This scene creates a moment of realization and it truly shows the picture of the life of Sampedro and the hopelessness that he would be feeling in his life.
‘ The Sea Inside’ has been perfectly carved and directed by Alejandro Amenábar. The role of Sampedro is also greatly played. In my opinion, the movie provides for a very gripping and touching story and instills the emotions of Sampedro in the viewer. Sampedro does not win his legal fight and eventually dies by the consumption of a toxic substance but his fight results in a revolt in the country. The movie highlights the strength of Sampedro that he overcomes the resistance of everyone in society and succeeds in his wish to end his life by euthanasia. The movie highlights an important aspect that every individual should be allowed to opt for decisions for his life.