The Role of Michelle A. Rhee in American Education

The role of Michelle A. Rhee in American education remains to be huge indeed. The peculiar feature of her ideas and lectures offered to students and academics is that all students should have make independent decisions on what they want to be and when the time to gain the necessary traits should come. One of the current achievements of this person was the idea to remove teachers who cannot serve children well (Chud 63). The point is that there are more than 70 million children in the USA right now (Siegel and Welsh 4), and if the education of some group of children will be neglected, there is a threat to develop society in a wrong way. This is why it is very important to consider the role of each young member of society as well as his/her possible contributions. It actually does not matter whether a child wants to be an expert in criminology or in marketing, there are a number of education aspects which have to be considered.

Public education undergoes a number of challenges and problems, and the presence of bad teachers in the existing educational system is one of the most influential factors of why so many children suffer because of wrong or bad education. The activities supported by such people like Michelle Rhee are rather provocative still effective. Many people understand that some changes are required in society and in the sphere of education in particular. Still, the vast majority of such people are not sure of what has to be changed, and Michelle Rhee finds the answer. What she offers is to change and improve the staff. Nowadays, people have to take a number of responsibilities, and the responsibility to provide children with knowledge and skills has to be properly performed.

Rhee help to understand that the development of such type of delinquency is directly connected to the way of how education is offered to children. There are so many young people who want to know more in order to be able to earn for living, develop their skills, and improve their possibilities. However, the conditions under which they have to gain new material and which are created by bad teachers do not promote the development of education, and some students find it appropriate to break the law but achieve the purpose required.

Children education is a period of time during which human brain is formulated in accordance with the norms and requirements set by society. Bad teachers cannot improve children’s understanding of the world and its rules in a right way, this is why such tutors have to be fired within a short period of time. However, even such influential person as Michelle Rhee cannot be sure that it is always possible to find the required number of good teachers, who could help children gain appropriate development. This is why certain attention should be paid to the methods used in education and the criteria according to which teachers are chosen.

In general, the ideas promoted by Michelle Rhee may influence considerably such sphere like juvenile delinquency. Children depend a lot on the material introduced by their tutors, and if tutor is bad, it is hard to be sure that the results of his/her teaching could be successful. Education is not the place for experiments or assumptions. It is the sphere that has to be constantly improved to promote safer and more confident future for our generations.

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