The Popular Music’ Roles and Trends


The popular music has become an integral part of modern culture. The contemporary pop music is represented by both female and male performers. It has grown to the megabuck global industry. The aim of this essay is to discuss gender roles and modern trends in popular music.

The Main Body

The gender roles take an important place in popular music. In general, the gender roles can be described as the models of behavior based on gender, the ones, which the society expects from the men and women. Traditionally, female roles tend to be sentimental, delicate, and sensitive. In contrast, the public expects that the men are strong, brave, and ambitious. We can see these features in the scenic images of the pop music performers.

However, it should be stressed that the emphasis has already been shifted and the gender roles in modern pop music seem to be different from those, which prevailed in the past. Nowadays, we can see that female scenic role appear more aggressive and active than they were in previous decades. The male scenic roles also have changed. They tend to appear more aggressive and freedom-loving, as well.

It should be noted that the borders between the female and male gender roles vanish insatiably. The feminist movement influenced pop music significantly. It is obvious that independence and freedom play important roles in the scenic images of the female performers.

I think that the composer of pop music should be concerned with reaching the audiences and performers with music that is ‘pleasing.’ This is because pop is a kind of genre, which is characterized by simple and rhythmic music, the one, which flatters and sounds enjoyable to the audience. It can be said that pop music cannot be heavy and too much emotionally intense by definition.

It targets the broad audience and is assumed to be the music of the majority. It has a commercial background, and it is all about creating the show and popular images. As regards me, pop music is not my favorite one. However, I listen to it sometimes, and I find many of the songs good enough.

I am not against the ‘pleasing’ pop music, because it is assumed to be such. The societal expectations for women have influenced the type of music composed. The modern pop songs performed by the females reflect the tendencies described above. The songs seem to be more energetic and aggressive.

The pop music was distinguished as a separate genre in the 1930s. It was the time when the term was used in English for the first time. The genre developed rapidly during the subsequent decades and underwent substantial changes. The subgenres appeared. The pop music, which we know today, can be referred to the Europop music. At the same time, it should be said that this kind of music differs around the world, reflecting the national traditions and culture.

Latina is said to be the subgenre of pop music as well. It became popular in America and Europe due to the success of such performers as Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and others. The pop music in the Middle East is unique as it is influenced by the traditional culture substantially.

Nowadays, there are plenty of song and music contests, which contribute to the popularization of pop music. Eurovision, Grammy Awards, and several others represent the prestigious music events, which draw the attention of the millions of people annually. Undoubtedly, such kind of events can be considered as marketing tools. The music awards are aimed at choosing the best performers and the best songs and, thus, provide good PR to the winners.

In comparison with other genres, pop music is much more focused on the scenic image and the popularity of the performer. It is not surprising as its target audience is rather concerned with the image of the performer than with the meaning of the song.

That is why marketing plays a key role in the top performers’ success. If we compare the present situation in pop music with the one, which characterized it in the past, we can see that the modern pop music is much more commercialized and is more focused on the show, not the music itself. That is why it depends on marketing much more than in the past.


To sum up, all the above mentioned, it should be said that pop music represents the megabuck industry and it develops rapidly. This is because this genre is largely based on commerce.

The gender roles take the important place in pop music. At the same time, we can see that scenic images of the female and male performers changed. The song contests and music awards contribute to the popularization of pop music in the world. Marketing plays an important role in the PR of the performers as well as in the distribution of the music records.