The haunted house

MiKayla Jones Mrs. Ceballos PAP English 1 – 8 October 30, 2012 The Haunted House This was going to be my best Halloween ever. As I sat in class waiting anxiously for the bell to ring, I began wondering how much fun this is going to be. When Kaitlyn and I arrived at my house we sat around chatting waiting for it to get dark, before we started to trick or treat. As we were putting on our costumes, Kaitlyn had a difficult time putting her alien costume from outer space on because the directions were illegible.

After I was put on my zombie cheerleader costume I noticed it looked a little sully. I didn’t mine because it was Halloween and things are sometimes not very comely. As we heard out the front door my mom jeered loudly and said, “ be careful and stay in the neighborhood and don’t make any erratic turns”. I knew we had made a wrong turn when we went trick or treating at this old, run down dissolute house. When we knocked on the door it automatically opened, a heavy wind came out and caused the pumpkins to sing and locked us in.

All of a sudden I slipped on some fudder and something being to tantalizing me, I screamed and held on to Kaitlyn’s hand unflinching, I tried with all my might to fortify myself against the two headed monster, I screeched as loud as a mongoose. The more we fought the more the monsters proliferated. Some were mediocre, the monsters tried to tell us to subjugate but we kept on screaming and fighting until we freed ourselves for a moment.

As we tried to expulsion from the back door a three legged lucretia ghost told us how to get out safely, we thanked the three legged ghost by giving him all of our trick or treat candy to compensate him for being so nice and helping us to escape. I feint that he was as friendly as Casper. Finally, we made it back to my house, I gave a short terse wave to Kailtlyn and she adjourns to her house. This would be one Halloween thatI will never forget.