The Art of Editing: Overview and Analysis

Many people are fascinated with the seamless flow of events and the perfect placement of emphasis in their favorite movies. It is the art of editing that lies in the heart of all these transitions and accents. Created in the same year as the first powered flight, it changed forever the movie production like the latter transformed the way people travel and communicate. It brought life to an industry that was once considered futureless by many prominent figures (Groovy Stuff, 2019). Therefore, a review of the significance of editing and its primary techniques is a valuable step for understanding various movies and the ideas conveyed in them.

The documentary being discussed provides valuable insights into editing showing its power and complexity. First, it is worth mentioning the remarkable changes that occurred throughout its history. Starting from seamless editing, which was mostly unnoticeable for the audience, it became a mighty tool of manipulation (Groovy Stuff, 2019). It uses distortions of time, space, and rhythm to define viewers’ impressions. Moreover, editors are the ones who actually turn an actor into a star. Being responsible for choosing the best frames and scenes, they define how an actor’s performance is conveyed to the viewers. Finally, it is fascinating to learn the amount of initial video generated for a movie and the significance of every piece included in it. The documentary mentions that a regular film of about ninety minutes may result from cutting down over two hundred hours of footage (Groovy Stuff, 2019). Still, when a single frame out of every twenty-four ones was removed to shorten the final movie, its entire flow was destroyed. That emphasized the significance of each moment selected by the editors and the delicate work they performed.

The details mentioned above indicate the value of editing and how it transformed the way movies are produced and interpreted. The editors, who are often the most objective people in the film production environment, have the power to determine the viewer’s emotions and their attitudes towards characters and events. By using all the available tools, they transform an initial set of frames into a movie conveying its director’s ideas. Finally, everyone would probably like to improve one’s own life by correcting some moments and emphasizing others, and this is precisely what editors do with their products.


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