Teaching Philosophy in Design

After being a student for such a long time I have discovered that teachers who teach with passion with the needs of the student at heart are the best. These teachers are driven by the success of their students and they take every detail of their work seriously. By thoroughly and carefully preparing each lesson, continuous self-evaluation, and understanding their students, they are well equipped to deliver perfectly to their students. As an effective educator, my primary objective is to help the students comprehensively understand the process of designing using their conceptual thinking.

I believe in helping students understand the basics of the decision-making process in design work since creative and unique designs which are also comfortable depend on decisions made during design work. A good designer understands the designing process and to make my students perfect designers It would be important if we went through their design processes together as I guide them and at the same time avoiding giving them solutions to their design processes but instead letting them make independent and smart decisions on their designs.

My primary objective as a design instructor is to make the students understand that designs that work and pass all the important tests of use are the best and aesthetics come later. I will make sure that they understand the importance of the workability of designs that are also easy to understand and simple to explain to a second party. The students will be made to understand the reasoning behind every concept they apply as well as every part of their design and be in a position to clearly explain each detail clearly and precisely.

My desire and passion as a design teacher are to focus on students who don’t have any idea about design work. I want to take the responsibility and dedicate myself to opening the beautiful world of graphic design to them and cultivating an interest in them so that they will eventually become great graphic designers. I believe that design tools such as hand and digital production tools must only be used as a design solution and not a means of production. The students will be expected to use basic concepts of design to make their design tools.

To ensure that my course work effectively meets the objectives, I will develop competent course work comprehensively covering all areas and at the same time taking into consideration prerequisite and subsequent coursework at all levels of study. I will ensure students do research and writing so that they will gain a wide range of information about the content. Clearly outlined articulated design processes and schedules will be provided to ensure the students understand both the organization and structure of designing.

To enhance understanding of the concepts, students will be given studio time which will be used for critique and discussions. Critique groups will be established whereby the students will be expected to exchange ideas and questions about design to enable them to articulate their thought about design. To ensure that students gain confidence in the execution of ideas I will provide them with supportive technical instructions.

I believe that by making sure the students understand basic concepts of design and how to apply them, they will easily adapt to new technology whenever it comes to the market. I believe that by making the students understand the underlying principles of the design process they will be in a position not only to produce the best designs possible but will produce them simply with a sheet of paper and a pen.