Super huge mustard essay sample

The average consumer is out to find the best deals available for the best prices offered. Super-huge mustard bottles come in great size due to the amount of money a consumer can save based upon consumption of the product. The amount of product to be purchased can either correlate to the activity or immediate usage of the product or for storage reasons. An interesting use of mustard which is quite unorthodox is filling a bath tub approximately with eight ounces of mustard and the rest of the tub with water. This method of use is intended for medical purposes in which relieve aching pains and or arthritis pain. Another reason for the need of large quantities of mustard would be for large parties or gatherings. If the meal served has a need for mustard or can complement the meal, there is an obvious need for the super-huge bottles of mustard. Although it can be helpful to buy large quantities of mustard at once, the bottles are large as a way of gaining more profit. Take a look at any fast food restaurant. For “ x” amount, you can upgrade your drink from a medium to large.

The reality of it is that the cost for the restaurant to offer large drinks is extremely insignificant to the actual price of the drink that the consumer purchases. The same rule applies to the different sizes of bottles you can purchase at your local super market. The super-huge bottle appears as a better bang for your buck and it most certainly is. However, the store makes more money by the tempting deal that makes it into your shopping cart. Some consumers however could in fact be purchasing product for a restaurant which in turn means great quantity. Large mustard bottles are just the beginning of what could be an orchestrated system of increasing revenue. Could the size of the bottle correlate to the increasing debt the nation is undergoing? With hard to find expiration dates and shelves stocked with great deals, the average consumer can be tempted to grab a larger bottle in hopes of saving money as a long term investment. Then after a few weeks or months, the consumer finds the product to have expired.

Without much thought on the matter, the consumer returns to the store and purchases the product that is the most comfortable and practical. Since the consumer had the super-huge mustard for such a long time, it will appear as the best choice. The consumer then purchases the same product once again and through advertisement, which is anything that can promote a product; other consumers will then see the sales increase and follow the newest product trend. Due to the get rich quick and get poor slow mentality that a lot of people have, consumers are always looking for the best product at the best price available. I conclude by giving my direct opinion on super-huge mustard bottles. It’s a conspiracy man, they’re all out to take all our money.