Success Definition


Everyone wants to be successful in life. Studies have established that human beings spend at least three-quarters of their life trying to be successful. In general terms, success refers to a state of prosperity or fame. It involves the ability of an individual to do something and achieve a positive outcome. Someone can say to have achieved success when they manage to achieve their personal goals and even surpass their expectations.

However, success is a relative term because it has different meanings among various people. Certain people will consider it a success if they manage to achieve academic success at the highest level possible, while others would feel successful if they manage to get a spouse and raise a big happy family.

Achieving career goals, accumulating wealth, being powerful, being happy, and popularity are some of the other things that people consider as indicators of success. The disparities in the application of the term success, depends on various factors that include the nature of upbringing, individual goals, strategic plans used, decision-making process, and perceptions about success it’s self.


Success in life takes a lot of hard work and motivation from various things. Some people have managed to be successful while others have failed terribly. The things that someone learns as they grow influence on the kind of goals they will have and their ability to be successful. For example, children who grow around rich and business-oriented parents grow up knowing that making loads of money is the only way they can know they have succeeded.

On the other hand, children who grow around parents with value for education have a higher probability of achieving academic success as their priority goal. The approach an individual applies to try to achieve their goals also influences their ability to be successful. To achieve success, it is important for an individual to understand the things he or she wants to accomplish and the best way of doing it.

Effective planning is a key factor in the attainment of success for everyone. Good planning helps an individual to develop a positive image and perception about success. Individual perceptions about success depend on the kind of image they develop about it. A positive perception of success allows people to adjust easily with different life situations, thus increasing the chances of achieving their goals.

Achieving success is also influenced by an individual’s motivation and determination to do it. Most people are motivated to work hard towards achieving their goals because they want to make a lot of money. For others, the biggest motivation is to achieve happiness and freedom. Studies have shown that the biggest fear that most people have is the lack of money. Most people believe that money gives them the freedom and power to do things they want.

They believe that money can empower them to achieve other goals in life as well as acquire things they desire, such as good homes, nice clothes, food, and luxuries. Therefore, achieving financial freedom is considered among the top indicators of success, even for people seeking other forms of satisfaction.

One of the common traits of successful people is hard work and determination. For example, achieving academic success entails working hard and staying focused regardless of how much someone is thought to be intelligent.


People understand and apply the term success differently depending on their goals and motivations to achieve them. Generally, success entails the ability of an individual to achieve a positive outcome by following their dreams and goals.

Some of the key elements that influence the ability of an individual to achieve success include confidence, perceptions, hard work, determination, independence, good decision-making, and strategic planning. Success should be able to give an individual the ability to influence others, as well as the freedom to be anyone they want in society.