Students should not be paid

We use our brains for intelligence NOT money. Parents already pay too much money for their kid(s) to go to school.

What if you were to pay your kid(s) for good grades… they would have over $500 a year more than the average adult makes working at a fast food restaurant. Parents should expect their child(ren) to do what they need to do to get the good grades instead of being bribed, and paying them makes them think they should be rewarded for any and everything, and here are some of the effects that will happen to your kid in the future. There are many expectations for a child to get good grades and their shouldn’t be much of any award other than doing your best and showing you are intelligent. Kids need to learn that it is expected out of them to get good grades. Their parents shouldn’t have to bribe them with cash.

“ It makes sense to some. Says Stacey Priestley, a northern Indiana teacher: “ My son gets money for grades. We tell him going to school and getting good grades is his job. If he does his job well, he gets paid just like a job in the real world.(“ Cash for Grades?”)” Which could also lead to boredom. This could lead to lack of hard work, not staying focused, and sooner or later failing.

“ Previous data collected by the nonprofit Advanced Placement Strategies Inc., which runs the Texas program, found that in the 10 schools where it was initially launched, passing AP test scores doubled in the first year, quadrupled in the second year and have continued to increase.”(Kiviat) Your kid/student isn’t learning because he/she needs to they are learning because your showing then to do their work to get paid, but that’s not the case. Kids should be rewarded for their hard work when they’re not getting paid. Paying children makes them think they should be rewarded for everything. Most of the gains came from minority students in the 40 high schools studied, accounting for about 70, 000 students in all….

Later when kids realize that anxiety is not healthy and there’s no more motivation they will stop what they Have been doing. Kids should not have to be bribed to do the work that they need to. Paying your child(ren) will only influence them to do well for money. When your kids realize that they won’t be paid for doing their work they will stop because what they were use to doing doesn’t happen so they are going to want to stop. Once your child gets into college and you’re not there to take care of them and pay them then they are going to stop doing the work that they need to do in order to succeed later in his/her life. This could lead to failure in his/her life.

They will be so use to slacking off they will be behind in life. This could lead to a bad, horrible, or even dangerous future. The aftermath of paying your kids can be a huge disadvantage for them. Parents say that they do not want their kid(s) to do bad things when they grow up, but giving them money at an early age could have a serious effect on kids. Kids can by anything they can he their hands on when they have no supervision. By paying your child(ren) for good grades could affect them for when they realize that they aren’t getting paid anymore, or at the same time that their parent(s) paid them.

By doing this will/could lead your child(ren) to being greedy, unthankful and disrespectful. Every kid will be able to overcome this but most kids will realize they can do whatever they want and no one’s in charge of them, and mess their life up. Depending on how often, and what, you pay your kid(s) for can set how he/she acts when they find out they don’t get paid the same way. It will badly affect the way your child is in the future. Yes a parent might say my child is doing great because of me paying them. But, just think about it do they really and truly need that money? Your answer is gonna be yes and I agree with you, BUT think about the things your child(ren) can do with that money, what they can buy.

It will put in your child’s mind my parents trust me to do whatever I want and you have no clue what that whatever is. “ My child should learn early in life that he/she will get pod for the work that they have done.” Just about 83% of USA’s population are kids that do not get paid and almost all of those kids are doing amazing things in their life. Children that get paid at an early age will soon realize that not everything you do is gonna be rewarded, you can’t do the work and ALWAYS expect to get what you want. Life doesn’t work like that.

Your child(ren) will be expected to do whatever he/she is told to do whether or not they are told to. Kids should do the work because THEY want to to succeed not because, mom or dad said to. I guarantee you that when your child does the work he/she needs to and not get paid for it they are going to realize, and work even harder than before. I know this because I have had to do this too and it’s not easy but you gotta keep going.