Reflection on the “National Food Policy”

This paper will reflect on the essay about a National Food Policy based on topic sentences and focus. The majority of sentences that are at the beginning of paragraphs contain words that do not bear significant meaning. Furthermore, sentences are structured in a way that they do not tell what the rest of the paragraphs is about. I would replace these sentences with brief descriptions of the main topic of a paragraph. In terms of focus, there are some points where the writer loses focus on a particular topic. For instance, in the penultimate paragraph, the writer discusses carbon footprint reduction without explaining why such a method leads to healthier food. While the writer attempted to draw a comparison between the feasibility of implementing marketing techniques and carbon footprint reduction, he failed to focus on why this comparison is valid. Another example of a lack of detail and focus is in the part about mobile applications. The author stated that mobile apps would contribute to the cause but failed to provide a detailed explanation of why individuals would want to use such applications.

Introducing changes to the mentioned areas will improve the quality of the academic argument. Also, it will become much easier for a reader to follow the line of the writer’s thoughts. Increasing focus and detail in some of the places will facilitate the author’s thesis. In the current condition, it is unclear why precisely mobile applications may contribute to healthy eating. Provided arguments are too broad and generic and can be attributed to any mobile app. The author claims that reducing carbon footprint facilitates a healthy diet, and providing a more detailed explanation will facilitate this argument.