Problem or need justification

Problem or Need Justification
The business plan appropriately opens with a description of the importance of a business plan to any organization. Its design is an operating guide putting into context the merit of the plan and reasons it should succeed. Furthermore, the plan illustrates and identifies the primary focus of its operations and the health care services it will provide to the targeted population.
Identify products or service to provide (Women and children).
Before setting any healthcare unit, identifying the target population is crucial to know the service to provide. In effect, there is a proper identification of the services and care to provide to both women and children in the most productive stages of their life. This includes during the most critical stage of a woman’s life, which is pregnancy, with all services detailed. This is inline with identifying the threats posed by the lack of medical plans and cover by the target population.
Identify Products or Services to Provide – Men & Women Age 65+
Not only does this case identify the target population, it stratifies it into different demography. The identification of the senior members of the society and packaging a special service of treatment and care to them is essential to enhance the success of JHUSON clinic. Hence, the plan outlines the package for this critical demography to show its concern with the population’s general well being.
Health Information Technology
This field has seen most growth and development in the health sector. In this case, any business plan has to propose the usage of information technology in service delivery. From diagnostic measures and prescriptions to coordination of work, the plan proposes the measures on technological use and the expertise required to serve its target population efficiently.
Budget – Operating, Capital & Revenue
There is a good analysis quantifying the resources required to start and operate. Itemization of the operating costs is crucial to ensure that those funding the projects see value for money. In addition, the sources are properly identified in the business plan enhancing openness on the sources of capital. In effect, this opens the clinic further to future opportunities in terms of funding. Further, the use and sources of revenues are crucial for successful a plan.