Policy of mandatory marriage

A Policy Dictating Mandatory Marriage
It is important for the government to formulate a new policy, which will require couples to take mandatory marriage classes before they officially get married in order to minimize the ever-rising cases of divorce and all the negativity and pain that are associated with it.
Why this topic
As a result, of various reasons, married couples have been seeking divorce after some time in marriage. It is evident that one or both partners end up being heartbroken because of the divorce. The problems that lead up to divorce can be solved when couples go for a marriage classes. In most cases, couples get married just because they love each other. However, marriage requires more than just love between partners, and if this is not considered it is likely that after a few years of marriage the seeds of divorce germinate and take root (Jasper 54).
The topic aims at, firstly, establishing the various causes of divorce. Secondly, it shows that through educating couples on the essence of marriage then they will respect and uphold it as an institution. Thirdly, it aims at showing that couples who have understood the essence of marriage through marriage education would avoid incidences of divorce through; biding their time, not rushing into marriage until they find the right person or going into marriage when they have armed themselves with weapons that would counter any divorce triggers (Jasper 94).
Plan of fulfilling the topic
The topic will start by a discussion of; the importance of marriage, misconceptions about marriage, the reasons for divorce and the negativity and pain that come with divorce. The topic will also address the way in which the media has portrayed marriage.
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