Pm simply food marketing campaign assignment

Moreover The idea came to the owners when they thought that there is no place or a brand would be comparable to simply food, in other means they wanted to create not only a brand that goes deeper into each food concept but also communicate a certain food experience to the customers not Just a product from the moment they enter the store, order till they receive their food in a certain and unique package and atmosphere to make every customer feels younger so that they make each consumer touch point” different, the attributes attached to Simply Food is the simplicity of the store design, menu design and even the ingredients of the offered food, second happiness as for the colors used in the store which is white as a primary color and palette of bright colors as a secondary one also used in packaging and the menu too and lastly youth as for the atmosphere of the store. They have medium-high prices because they think they offer a very high quality food so they decided to target the high social classes with an age from 12-30 years. What makes Simply Food different Han its competitors is the high quality of food in a store also the special toppings and ingredients they use and the new kinds of meals too, yet they still need time to position themselves and know how distinctive they are. Till now there are two stores one is simply pasta and the other is simply potato opening in Kamala but the owners will go further for other simples such as simply burger, simply pizza later on.

Role of Advertising and Promotion: As a newly developed brand, Advertising and Promotion play a vital role in the marketing of Simply Food, it will inform customers about the brand and what does it offer in the first place, second it will show the competitive advantage the brand has over competitors such as the 1 50 different toppings for pasta they use or the quality of the food they offer, and then attract the targeted customers and persuade them to go for Simply Food other than any competitor. Current SOOT SOOT Analysis is done to identify the brand or the business’ internal strengths and weakness and the external opportunities and threats. Opportunities In Egypt, Due to the huge buying power any food industry will grow under any circumstances so Simply Food would have a good opportunity to attract customers as new brand entering the market. Simply Food is not Just a store, it’s more of a brand so it has the opportunity to survive and increase its awareness in the market place with a deep-seat in the consumers’ minds.

Simply Food filled gaps in the food industry for instance; Simply Potato is a brand especially offering potato only in different ways and kinds while it is always served as a side for a meal in other stores or food brands so this is an opportunity for growth. Threats The brand or the Idea of the brand might be in a risk of duplication The brand concept might not be understood by consumers In Egypt nowadays the political incidents are affecting all types of businesses such as the curfew which affected all kinds of stores. As a corporation, Simply Food ownership may be dissolved for any sudden reason. Strengths Offering new ingredients, new package, new stores which will be curious for customers to investigate it.

Stores location gives the brand strength in attracting specially the targeted customers New and unique attributes attached to the brand gives it strength to differentiate itself among competitors. Weaknesses As a newly developed brand, there are not enough resources such as few stores in pacific places only, low budget and small stores area The management team of Simply Food is not dedicated to the brand; most of them have other Jobs so that this may fail the brand. Simply Food for the current time depends too much on the word of mouth and that may affect the brand negatively at some cases. Opening different kinds of simply food stores may result in a customers’ confusion or distraction among the stores for instance; If consumers went more for the Simply Pasta this will surely affect another Simply.

Opening stores offering different kinds of food under one rand will lead to a complicated marketing plan as the allocation of resources may not be distributed equally among the stores. The competitive analysis: Competitive analysis is a strategic method used to assess external competitors. This try to find the strengths and weaknesses the competitors have. After that the company operates this information to develop the efforts inside the company. A successful analysis will first obtain imperative information from competitors and next based on this information the company will be able to expect the reaction of the competitors beneath certain situations (dictionary, 2013).

A competitive analysis is an important part in any company, after analyzing and evaluating then competitors, the company will be able to make a unique product, and consequently what are the features that the company is going to use to catch the attention of its target market (Entrepreneur, 2013). Simply food’s competitor is any restaurant that serves fast food especially when it comes to pasta and potato. Simply food’s main competitors are DIDO’S and bistro, both restaurants serve pasta. First competitor is Dido’s who serves pasta only also with special toppings like simply pasta. Dido’s strengths are that it is elder than simply food, it has a bigger store and customers could eat in it, on the other hand its weaknesses are that it has not many stores and has no any marketing strategy or good marketing communication with customers.

Though Bistro also serves pasta which also the same product as simply potato. The strengths of Bistro are that it is also older than Dido’s and simply food and it has a big store and has a place to customers to eat rather than simply food ad also word of mouth. It has weaknesses points that it has limited restaurants, and it has no promotions to be well known to customers. Environmental influences: Environmental Influences include five components: Technological, Economic, Social cultural, Demographic and Political/legal and how these components related to the business or the plan, it’s an important part in the Situation analysis phase in the MIMIC plan.

Political factors: Are the factors forced by the government like the regulations and rules which affects the business such as taxes, exporting and importing rules that affect the expanses of the business as it considered to be cost for products are being imported from abroad. According to some recent incidents in Egypt, such as the curfew prevented imply food from opening in the normal hours and closing earlier which affects the restaurants profit. Economical factors: Are those economical situations that the whole country is facing. Since the Egyptian revolution started in the 25th January 2011 and the economy faced a very critical time there had been always high unemployment rate and rise in inflation.

Social Factors: Are the factors in the society that affects the consumer decision or consumer thoughts , such as the culture , population , behaviors and attitudes, Any food industry in Egypt strives due to the huge population and Food generally is an industry that attracts consumers. Technological: The rate of technology within the country and the technological changes is developed or not and how the country is coping with such technology. Technology advancement helped simply food in communicating with consumers through the website and the social media; no one now is not using the internet and doesn’t have a Backbone or twitter account or doesn’t open the Youth.

Analysis of promotional program situation Internal analysis Firm’s promotional capabilities Promotions are the most important way of communication by which it enhances the allegations between customers and the brand. The promotional capabilities play a huge role because it required capabilities for effective performance that will differ a lot to any brand. Promotions are usually limited according to simply food because they don’t have enough budgets. Simply food promotional capabilities are Youth ads which is a useful way of promotion because it reaches millions of people who daily watch videos, renting booths in private universities to serve pasta and potato, radio ads and also catering their food in weddings like for example making a wedding pasta station.

Another idea for promoting simply food’s promotion is creating a “ mobile booth” that serves their food in some areas especially in events. Product analysis Simply food serves 2 types of food so far which are pasta and potato. They are trying to be creative and different by serving their products with high quality ingredients. Once customers enter the restaurant, they experience the brand by creating their own pasta or potato. In other words, they serve a customized food which created by the customers. Past promotional programs They started with the social media by creating their own account on Backbone and Twitter and then outdoor boards. They as well served their products during a horse auction because they wanted to target first class customers.

They also have a “ mobile booth” that serves their food in some areas especially in events. External analysis Customer analysis Simply food as a restaurant has a unique target market selection by segmenting younger age from 12 to 30 years old customers and that’s their maximum. Targeting is from the most critical thing to the brand because they target a high social level A, A +, B, 8+ so, that’s why simply food focus on creating a high standard image in their customer minds, that how they compete and differentiate their selves in the market share. Competitive analysis Competition is the main challenge for any brand especially when it’s on the developing stage like simply food.

Simply food can’t identify now specifically their competitors or whom they actually compete with, but form our investigation we searched for the most restaurants that similar to the brand and serve the same kind food such as Bistro and Dido’s. According to simply food concept, they don’t consider those as competitors due to their uniqueness in serving their pasta and potato. Environmental analysis: Environmental analysis considered as a competences that guide any business to find out the market that they are going to enter and how they are getting affected to reach to the environment. Analysis of Communication process: Introduction: Communication is the process of exchanging information and data to create commonness between two parties (sender and receiver).

The success of the communication is based on the message nature and type of people and their perspective also the way, time and place have a high effect on the success or the failure of this communication. There are many ways of communication like brand names, logos, graphic systems, social communication (social web sites such as Backbone and Twitter), and packaging designs (Belch, 2012). Communication is a major factor that helps any company or organization to sell its product or services to complete its cash cycle (any company uses part of its cash to buy raw materials then produce products after that communicate it to market and generate cash) not only that but also communication helps the company to make customers or consumers aware of the product that they offer.

Communication process model: There are two major elements at any communication process (sender, receiver) and two other communication tools which are the message and channel and then there are another four communication functions and process 1 . Encoding: is the way to create a certain message to reach the targeted customers 2. Decoding: is converting the sender message into idea 3. Response: is the receiver’s reaction after being exposed to the sender’s message and this reaction differs from one person to another 4. Feedback: the sender takes the receiver response and converted into evaluation in order to improve their reference in the next message (Belch, 2012).

Finally the noise, which occurs when there is problem or error during encoding the message (Belch, 2012). According to our case simply food is the senders who are trying to create messages such as advertisements, designs and shoots it (encoding) then the message is developed and the channel is the method how this communication travels from the sender to the receiver such as word of mouth. Then the consumer converts the advertisement to an opinion in their minds then the consumer will take an action wither he will buy or to simply food will transform this action into a feedback to evaluate their performance and avoid the mistakes in the next message.

There are a number of models for the communication process such as AID model and innovation adopting model each model consist of several stages (cognitive stage, affective stage, behavioral stage): AID model: this model represents the stages that the salesperson must take the customer through it. Simply food have to attract the customers attention to their products and increase their interest and desire to their products by making promotions then involving the customers to take an action by aging a purchase decision (Belch, 2012). Innovation adoption model: this model represents the stages that the customers pass through it in adopting new product.