Nancy A. Meyer as a President of the Miami Herald

“My priority and highest purpose is to ensure great journalism, engaging our audiences on all platforms to ensure we meet the future demands of our advertisers and readers,” said Nancy A. Meyer on receiving her position as a president of one of the most trustworthy media companies, the Miami Herald.

On Friday, Oct. 2, McClathy Co. has given an important announcement regarding the new president responsible for its newspaper company’s business administration in Florida. The vacant seat will be taken by Nancy A. Meyer on Oct. 12. Meyer is a successful media business director with an impressive list of achievements in the journalism industry. She will be in charge of business matters, which will include guiding finance, advertising, and operations divisions of the Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

It is interesting to note that she will submit her reports on the company work to the senior vice president for news at McClathy, Kristin Robert. What is Robert’s attitude toward her new colleague? Judging from her feedback, it is very positive. The senior vice president for news shows confidence in Meyer’s competence as a media business leader. It is not surprising since the new president has 20 years of impressive background in the communication field. She has worked for reputable enterprises such as Gannet, Tribune, and Hearst. Meyer has recently finished her work as a business leader of The Sun-Sentinel Media Group in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, and the Sentinel in Orlando, Fla of the Tribune Co. She now prepares herself to take the new position at McClathy. What draws even more attention is that, according to Kristin Robert, the new director is not only highly experienced but also passionate about the local news media. She even called her new associate “fierce advocate for the power and value of local journalism.”

Nancy A. Meyer is involved in many prominent communal organizations. As she focuses more on the local situations, she actively takes part in Florida’s public affairs. She is engaged in versatile spheres of collaborative activities. For instance, she has a long list of memberships in well-known civic communities like The Alliance of Greater Fort Lauderdale Board of Directors, Broward Business Council on Homelessness, Broward Workshop, Nova Southeastern University ambassador’s Board, Orlando Economic Development Commission’s Governors’ Council, Central Florida- Project Opiod, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Meyer, herself, is very glad to start the recently assigned job. She is ready to fulfill her goals in local media administration. She recognizes her position as the president of an influential newspaper company as a great honor and pride. From her point of view, the Miami Herald is well-known to deliver information to society using valid sources effectively. That is how it gained its credibility among the broad public of Florida. Meyer stated that she views the Miami Herald as a newspaper that has “a tradition of strong investigative watchdog journalism.”

Media is essential for adequate validation of local or global situations by us, the society. That is why we need reliable newspaper companies who are led by remarkable individuals. We yet do not know how Meyer will show herself in the new position. Despite this, we are eager to see the changes the newly announced head will bring to the news world as well as to the whole community.