My place: my space

This world is definitely made up of mild illusions that we are still living harmoniously with each other and with ourenvironment. We have come to this age where society is not reaching to people in human forms anymore. Human interaction emerges over the net’s immense capacity. We are in dire need of a fulfilling social interaction. What we have are lots of electronic chat and message board’s trash with no honest emotional interconnections to serve feelings and sharing real experiences itself be it pain or joy. We all have the compassion to share what we feel and radiate innerhappinessto other people who are in search for even one friend to understand their world, this world and them.

Living in a fast paced society, in a fast paced world, makes adults and youth evolve to unlimitedly cope up the pressures of work, environment, social interaction stratification, family, andtechnology. Sadly, adult’s priority listing serves to cope up on everything where they can gain advantage especially monetary ones living family relationships concept behind. The idea might be challenging but simply exhilarating! I feel the need to do my thing amidst the complexities of my environment and human nature. There is something I have to catch on in this world – a need to catch me.

Dare ask the question of meaning: Are people losing themselves to the black hole of their own creativity? We perform what we seek and in the process of achieving lose a part of ourselves and buried a lot of relationships therein, but to whose gain? My bedroom is the only place in this world where I can express myself be it art, poetry, speech writing, and reading. My computer is in my bedroom and it does a lot of things for me to serve my personal interest of relaxation, mymusic, my DVD’s, and my passion work at homeacademicwriting and research. My bedroom is my place giving me my space from an infinite battle of articulating progress and pace.

The place to spend one’s time to regenerate youth and vigor does not only mean costly trips to beauty spas and saloons. It also mandates comfort and convenience in experiencing freedom of doing the things you love thus making it your very own passion and inspiration to be the person you really wanted to be without catering illusions. Just plain me and my unique characteristic of enjoying the art of being alone without the presence of friends and other people engaging me into general discussions and afterwards ends up telling me what to do.

This is rather a contrary to the kind of empathy and intellectual responses I expect out of human interactions. Replenishing my energy and recovering my perspective in life through music and meditations makes me feel whole and refresh upon completion of the task.

My bedroom is the only place in the world that respects my privacy and guess I can say I am in-charge here without unwanted interference. Reflections of the day’s events will start to show dramatically in a series of replays in my mind. This is a kind of a rain check that serves to gauge how well we perform as a person. We do not need to check work performance in our quiet moments, we have our company’s performance appraisal forms for that. We practically needed moral updates to determine if the world has not influence us as it pushes to affect our views and inner perspectives.

Sometimes when we need to cry and reach out to our inner self out of sorrow and deep frustrations, we can easily bump our head on our soft pillows without letting others see off poised drama performance. People could be so disappointing when no matter how hard you try to explain things and discuss the subject eye-to-eye still their heads are in parallel run on to something that is clamoring to their own thoughts and conclusion. It is an amazing art of listening that’s not really hearing what they listened since they weren’t able to get the meaning of what you have been telling them. It is a kind of a frustratingly off course discussion. They convincingly believed themselves to be authorities on any topic which make them tend to talk more and give advices that form as a pressing order rather than consoling.

My frustrations would make me want to let that voice in me get out and be heard, but on what form? I write and reach out to myself in my bedroom. When everything else is still and quiet, it is easier to reach to the supernatural in us and feel the beating of our hearts while meditating. I seek my strength in my inner world because if I seek my strength from the support of other people then I will have no strength at all. Only faith can continuously support to carry us with our burden.

Our constant fellowship with God must never be taken for granted in the entirety of human evolution. It seems that the world has been so busy and so filled withsciencethat they forget the genesis of life. Witnessing further how science, social stratification, position and wealth accumulation has lead man far from the candor of God. It seems to deliberately change a person to another form of being yet filled with emptiness in his entirety. We forget the meaning and we find ourselves empty and continuously making a detour with our concept on life ideologies.

People could frantically worry about on a lot of things and work. They can be a member of any group or belong to any aspired circle of friends. One could be so successful but still lonely and devoid of happiness like our super action heroes and blatantly blonde actresses. It is because each of us needed to find time for ourselves, to find ourselves, to find God, and regain a better perspective in life. My bedroom gives it all, creativeness, wholeness, authority, comfort, and satisfaction to my passion in writing.