My Greatest Talent and Skill

I enjoy assembling and building things, so my greatest skill is construction. I was always passionate about constructing something, so when my family brought the sofa and cloth hanger from IKEA, I volunteered to build the furniture from the factory-made pieces. I carefully examined the instructions and assembled the corresponding parts, step by step. Construction is a fascinating process since I start with small and meaningless parts, but eventually build something functional and useful.

I believe that my family background explains my interest in construction. My father is a construction worker, so I always wanted to follow his steps and was eager to learn from him. I gained confidence from my experience of assembling IKEA furniture, so I wanted to further develop my talent. Before moving to our new home, my family decided to build a utility room in the backyard. It was a perfect opportunity for me to enhance my construction skills while helping my father. The task was not as easy as a furniture assembling since we had to carry the materials together, mix the concrete for the floor, and move heavy wood planks to build the walls and roof.

Despite the challenges on the way to follow my father’s steps in construction, the experience I gained was unforgettable and fortunate. I enjoyed every minute of working side by side with my father as the opportunity was very rare, and my success gave me a great sense of satisfaction. I realized that the process of assembling or building things stimulates creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, it can bring families closer together and create a perfect team. I am confident that the skills I developed during my construction efforts will contribute to the success of my academic life and future career.