My first job experience essay sample

After finishing my SPM and relaxing with my friends for about three weeks, I was wondering what else I should do. When I hanging around with friends at shopping complex, I saw I vacancy for a promoter job in a telecommunication company and I am interested in it. After being interviewed, I am hired as promoter for P1 4G company and that is my very first job in my life. I am being told to work for 10 hours per day and six days per week. On the first day I go to work, I met my supervisor, Bryan. He is a very nice and friendly person. He has explained the detail of my salary and how allowance and overtime payment is being paid. He thought me a lot of information to become a good promoter for a telecommunication company. I learned to compare the rate of broadband of other telecommunication company such as Digi, Celcom and Maxis. I also learned a lot of new term and new thing such as internet quota. Internet quota is the limit of maximum internet usage with maximum speed provided by service provider. If user have exceeded the internet quota provided by service provider, their internet speed will be limited to 128kb/s which is very slow.

The second day of working was the first day I stand outside the booth and try to attract and persuade customer to use our internet package. This was a very challenging task to talk to a stranger that you do not know at all and even need to persuade them to buy our product. My first customer was a malay guy. He passes by our booth and look towards our booth. I quickly approached the customer and distribute our flyers to him. From the conversation, I can know about the service provider that he is currently using and he is satisfied with it or not. By knowing all these thing, I can recommend the best plan that suite him the most. Finally, the malay guy had decided to try our internet package.

Thanks god, he is my very first customer and my supervisor even praise me for my performance for my first day working around the booth. During my few months working as promoter of telecommunication company, I found out how hard a promoting job is. Is not easy at all for you to take the initiative to talk to a stranger and you must also have the ability to convince your customer that your product is the best among others. I have improved a lot in my communicating skills with other people throughout the period. I learned the way to talk to people politely, answered their question patiently, and greeting them friendly. I learnt, for instance, that if you are really concerned about your effectiveness as a promoter, you will work very hard at preparing yourself with all the information. Still, I am so grateful that I have been given this chance to become a promoter. I learnt that as a promoter, despite its long working hour, can be an enjoyable occupation.