Module review questions

Module Review Questions Module Review Questions Key Trends in the Computer Peripheral Devices A computer peripheral refers to an extra device or features that are added to the computer. Such devices include the keyboard, mouse, camera, printer, scanner, speaker, microphone, tape driver and disk driver. They are very important since they help in increasing the abilities of the computer to perform its functions.
As a result of the changing technology, several inventions have been made to improve the peripheral devices. Amongst these include the use of graphics cards, Wireless Optical Mouse 5000 and superior Visioneer, Microtek, HP and Umax scanners (Ceruzzi, 2000).
I would like to point out that several developments would be made in this sector. Among the most significant trends in the peripheral devices I expect to see in the next ten years is the adoption of a touch screen, wireless mouse and video cards. These are very powerful devices that would enable a computer to produce a more efficient, faster, accurate and high quality work.
Computer System
Basically, a computer system can be classified into supercomputers, mainframe computers and personal computers. The changes in the modern technology have greatly transformed the use of the desktops, laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PCs and Smart Phones. These are the different types of computer systems that are popularly used in the society today. For instance, whereas the desktops are shifting to the use of TFT Monitors, the laptops, Netbooks and the Tablets are becoming more portable and lighter than they used to be before (Ceruzzi, 2000). Besides, the Smart Phones are now able to access the internet and be used in browsing, sending and receiving mails.
Application Software Package
Application software refers to a set of programs which are exclusively designed to perform a specific application. Even if there is lots of application software, there are certain packages that should be known and thoroughly comprehended by the business and end users. These include, but not limited to accounting software, graphic software and enterprise software. They deal with documentation. So, everyone should know how to effectively operate them.
Today, there are so much changes occurring in the software development. A lot of improvements have been made to increase the functionality and effectiveness of the Information Worker Software, Educational Software and Entertainment Software. In future, I would like to see the sophistication of Product Engineering Software and Enterprise Infrastructure Software. This would make them more efficient in their output.
Operating System
The operating system is necessary because it manages both the software and hardware resources of the entire system. For instance, in a desktop, resources like memory, disk space and processor (Ceruzzi, 2000). However, in a cell phone, they include screen, phone dialer, keypad, network connection, address book and the battery. The operating system is thus required to offer a consistent and stable pathway through which the application can handle the hardware without necessarily knowing all the details about the very hardware.
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