Module 10 aviation trend/issue report

Module 10 Aviation Trend/Issue Report

Airport Capa and Delays Grade May, Airport Capa and Delays In the past years, passengers have been seen to experience more delays in the UK airports. According to a study by the civil aviation authority (CAA), one-fifth of the flights experienced a delay last year. The performance at ten major airports dropped by one percent, and the lowest ranked airport was Gatwick. According to a spokesman from Gatwick airport, the airport is said to operate the world’s busiest single runway airport and strive to get to ensure all flights arrive and depart on time. Recently the airports management invested in a lot of improvements and is currently expecting a significantly reliable performance.
From a report on the airport’s management, the administration has been accredited for airport collaborative decision making. It has been a process that allows the airport and the third parties to share data and allowing aircraft to turn around and depart quicker and more efficiently. The process has also saw the improvement of the operational planning through better predictability and improved usage of the European airspace. The recent days have seen the airport involved in bitter campaigns for the quest to build a new runway (Kitching, 2015).
Heathrow has been named the second longest average delay. Today, it is among the airports that have been seen to improve in one time contrary to its performance in the past years. The airport’s spokesman released a report indicating that the punctuality was the absolute focus of the management. He also pointed out that they had made a significant operational improvement that has ranked them among the three airports in the UK that has improved on punctuality. A recent report has indicated that today they operate more than twice the number of movements experienced on the other hubs.
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