Media: Strength and Weakness

The media is the primary means of how people attain information about global and local events. Without news agencies and competent journalists, people would not be able to make informed decisions regarding politics and would not be aware of growing environmental concerns. I believe media to be the cornerstone of any democracy. When an act of injustice is imposed by some parties, journalists deliver the news to the population. As a result, public unrest can be created, which may lead to changes in legislation, government bodies, and processes. Therefore, the strength of the media is its ability to organize people to achieve a common goal. Historically, the cost of ownership and operation has been the primary weakness of the media. However, with the advancements in information technology, any person today can play a role in delivering news only using their smartphone. However, the availability of such technologies paved the way for another weakness.

The internet is full of posts and content that is misleading and fake. Some individuals and even news agencies deliberately manipulate data to achieve their unfavorable objectives. For instance, Russia allegedly used fake Facebook accounts to influence the 2016 US Presidential elections. Such cases undermine public trust, and I am personally skeptical of any information delivered by journalists and agencies because there is a chance that they may be pursuing a specific goal. The primary objective of journalism should be providing information as-is, without tampering with the content. Unfortunately, contemporary society is still far away from reaching this state. Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence may help solve the issue by automatically analyzing posts and marking them as misleading if they contain false information.