Marketing implementation assignment

Introduction When the marketing plan implementation does not successful of marketing plan which practitioners expected which, they have to used a range of structural and behavioural intervention strategies to improve their marketing performance, such as, According to Cravens and Piercy, 2006 have been mention that “ exiting from a product/service market, new product planning, changing the targeting market strategy, adjusting marketing strategy, pr improving efficiency”. However those two interventions strategy can be solved the problem that to identify how their performance does not meet planned expectation marketing.

Moreover there are many implementation problems such as customer complaint, customer service problem, customer-suppliers disputes, poor morale, poor inter-functional co-ordination, loss defined objectives, strategies, etc. how when its happening to marketing plan that can using the potential structural and behavioural intervention strategies to identify the meaning, role and context in which these intervention strategies could be effectively used, thus in this essay can show that when the implementation problem occur to marketing and how intervention strategies can be solved the problem that occur in the marketing.

Background Initially, in the marketing plan implementation, each company have to expectation about accomplishing to their marketing and then when they have problems in their marketing, for example, DSK company is about express delivery company which now on they have problems customer complaints because too late in delivery to customer and have not received delivery that problem lead to this company having bad customer service problems and can be lead to other problems which, lost in delivery and however that can lead to they might loss of trust between customer and supplier.

As the example before you can see that DSK express delivery’s company have been some problem in their business such as customer complaint, customer service problems and loss of trust between customer and supplier. That can lead to DSK express delivery’s company does not meet in their goal that they expectation and also there are gap in the marketing implementation that can lead to that company cannot meet accomplish in their company.

However in the way to improvement in processing marketing which having gap to implementation and problem in their marketing which we can identification to each problem to each intervention strategies to solved that problem which can identify potential behavioural intervention strategies and also identify in meaning, role and context in which could be effectively used. Intervention strategies When the marketing have problems that show in the background, that you can seen the problems in DSK express delivery’s company. However practitioners decided to use a range of structural and behavioural intervention strategies to improve performance.

Moreover, there are some appropriate intervention techniques to improve performance in the case of DSK express delivery’s company, such as development of effective organization design and structural which use of CRM programs, service quality and customer retention programs. That is some of techniques that we trying to solve in problems of DSK express delivery’s company. And there still have more techniques to solve it. -Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy Initially, Development of effective organization design and structure, use of CRM programs. Actually, CRM stand for Customer Relationship Management.

Firstly we have to understand the meaning of Customer Relationship Management. The term CRM is somewhat open-ended because it means very different things in different circumstances and this reflects the rapid evolution and development of this approach to meaning customer relationships and also the term is often used to embrace anything from automated customer contact systems to increase sales-force productivity, to customer service centres and automated call centres, to enterprise wide systems to break down departmental barriers and integrate information about customers into a single access point ( Cravan and Piery, 2006).

According to Cravan and Piery, 2006 mentioned that ” Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system have attracted wide attention in companies because of several benefits they offer which, there are number of major benefits attainable in improving the service received by customers but most particularly in building and leveraging powerful and insightful databases of customer information.

However, CRM can useful to solving the problem to DSK express delivery’s company about customer service problems. In recently, CRM developments have paralleled the growth in e-business and the two areas have several connections, leading to the emergence of e-CRM to describe Internet-based initiatives (Cravan and Piery, 2006).

However, if we looking in DSK express delivery’s company that in the future with CRM which they have to development their company to e-business. For example, DSK company have to do e-business to service customer that can make customers feel comfortable for their service which customer can managed time to received stuff or payment, by both can do in the internet and also seller can have opportunity ti gather customer information in computer or database.

However, the another useful viewpoint suggests CRM consists of three main elements such as, Identifying, satisfying, retaining, and maximizing the value of a firm’s best customers, wrapping the firm around the customer to ensure that each contact with customer is appropriate and based upon extensive knowledge of both the customer’s needs and profitability and creating a full picture of the customer (Lynette R, Simon D, and Stan M, 2000). -Levels of CRM There are three CRM levels such as Operational CRM, Strategic CRM and Analytical CRM that all levels of CRM have important but different implications for strategic marketing.

Firstly, Operational Customer Relationship Management, According to Cravens and Piercy, (2006) have mentioned that ” a key element of CRM is to improve and make consistent the customer’s service experience which the goal of CRM is to use every available source of information to build a detailed picture of each individual customer and also it aims to capture information from every contact to customer has with any part of the organization, and to ensured it is available whenever the customer next interacts with the company”.

If refer to DSK express delivery’s company that they have to gather that information which they have to record all useful details of customer that lead to when they servicing to customer that can improved response time when they request and also saved time for customer also. However, the benefits to the customer from CRM initiative May also include: improved response time when they request information; product and service that are better adapted to their requirement; immediate access to order status and history information; and more responsive technical support (Cravan and Piery, 2006).

In the benefits of CRM that can refer to DSK express delivery’s company for example, they can created system their phon-requirement which customer can call to them and figure out time when customer can received by order number that company have to give customer at first and them they can check where is mail or stuff by easily if customer have not received. Secondly, Analytical CRM, In addition to enhancing customer service efficiency and impacting on the quality of customer relationships, the integration and pooling of individual customer information by CRM systems also creates a powerful resource for analysis (Cravan and Piery, 2006).

However if refer to DSK express delivery’s company that can enhancing to customer have trust in their product or services which, DSK company should show how their service such as fast service, on time delivery, cheaper cost delivery or discount of service and responsibility about losing service to customer etc. Thirdly, that concentrated in Strategic CRM that can recommend According to Cravens and Piercy, (2006) mentioned that, the strategic use of resource reflects the shift in focus by marketing executives to customer who deliver long-term profits, that is, an emphasis in customer retention rather thane acquisition.

Refers to DSK company should use strategic CRM to keeping the customer deliver long-term profits which they have to look at operational CRM to find which customer is. However, Well-known metrics suggest that as little as a 5 percent increase in customer retention can have an impact as high as 95 percent on the net precent value delivered by the customer (Frederick, F. R, 1996).

Moreover, when they use intervention strategies which, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It does not say that have to successful all time, sometime CRM initiatives fail. According to Rigby, R, (2002) say that “ we have spent the last ten years trying to answer this, analysing customer-loyalty initiatives, both successful and unsuccessful, at more than 200 companies in a wide range of industries, however, the right answer: CRM aligns business rocesses with customer strategies to build customer loyalty and increase profits over time (Note that words ” technology” and ” software” are conspicuously absent from the definition). More specifically, our research shows that many executives stumble into one or more of four pitfalls while trying to implement CRM and in four pitfalls which, can improving customer loyalty and, eventually, corporate profitability to business (Rigby. K 2002).

However, that can understand, if we want DSK company to accomplishing in their company that we have to follow four pitfalls to keeping good relation with customers such as, 1) Implementing CRM Before Creating a Customer Strategy, 2) Rolling Out CRM Before Changing your Organization to Match, 3) Assuming that More CRM Technology is Better and 4) Stalking, not-Wooing, Customer. That also can be useful to DSK’s company to be pitfalls in their customer service to making good relationship at marketing. -Service Quality, Service Recovery and Customer Retention Strategy

As we known already that DSK express delivery’s company have been problem about customer complaint and service, however we can use service quality and customer retention programs that can useful to DSK express delivery’s company to develop their problem. According to Tax, S, S (1998), mentioned that managing complaint well and recovering customers, i. e. , dealing with them after a service failure and (usually) a complaint, should be the cornerstone of an organization’s customer-satisfaction strategy.

Recent empirically based research has demonstrated strong links between effective service recovery and not only customer satisfaction but also repurchase intention, customer trust and commitment, and long-term relationship (Halstead, D, 1992). Refer to DSK express delivery’s company that they have been problem about loss of trust between customer and supplier. However they can use those strategic to improve their decision that can lead to they can still have good relationship in trust between customer and suppliers.

Furthermore, we have to preparing to practice complaint management and service recovery because that the way to solution problem of DSK’s company about customer complaint that can lead to also in loss of trust between customer and supplier. However, there are several good practice complaint to improvement which according to Johnstorn, (2002) provided that “ it would appear that ‘ good’ complaint management has ten characteristics that fall in to categories such as complaint-soliciting culture, easily understood and accessed complaint procedures, process simplicity and systematic follow-up”.

These characteristics of ‘ good’ complaint management all contribute to a culture of concern over fixing problem and addressing complaints that distinguishes successful organizations from unsuccessful ones and then any organization can benefits from assessing itself against these complaint-management practices recommended in the literature, to see if its own complaint-management process can be improved (Johnstorn, 2002).

This intervention strategy on above can be lead to improvement the problem that DSK express delivery’s company has been doing and also it is involved to if their decreasing about customer complaint that meant they can improving their trust between customer and suppliers.

Furthermore, we have to examine intervention about service quality which, according to Zeithaml A, 1996 mentioned about service quality that ” If service quality relates to retention of customer at the aggregate level, as other research has indicated, then evidence of its impact in customer’s behavioural responses should be detectable”, If refer to DSK express delivery’s company that have been not good service quality which, in delivery to customer late that can lead to customer retention and profitable to company.

However, Research on relation ship between service quality and profits has begun to accumulate, and one thing is clear: the link between service quality and profits is neither straightforward nor simple (Greising, d . 1994). To delineate the complex relationship between these two variables, researchers and managers must investigate and understand many other relationships, each of which is an integral part of the composite (Zeithaml, A, 1996).

However, if we thinking about the problem in DSK express delivery’s company that they have to investigate and understand which, they have to look at customer retention on term of integral part of the composite that lead to how much they have to improvement their service quality in the future. Furthermore, A Modal of the Behavioural consequences of service that can useful to determined service quality which, according to zeithaml, A 1996 mentioned about modal that ” A conceptual modal that depicts the behavioural consequences of service quality as intervening variable between service uality and the financial gain or losses from retention or defection. However, DSK express delivery’s company can use that model to processing to marketing that they have been being problem about service quality which, that modal can be determine that they can remain customer retention or not. Conclusion

However, you can seen that when marketing plan performance does not meet their accomplished that they can use the intervention strategic to solved their problem which is in this essay have been use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy, Service Quality, Service Recovery and Customer Retention Strategy to solved their problem in DSK express delivery’s company which they having problem to their business that they use both intervention strategies to decision and solve their problem to meet their planing expectations marketing.

Moreover, there is not guarantee that which, intervention that they or practitioners can be 100% to meet theirs plans expectations marketing or not.