Management Issues: Innovation Role in Business

A business setting or functions of an organization involve an intricate relationship between the government, society, and the company. Many aspects depend on how the market views the organization and how it is being treated in the business setting. One of the key aspects of any business is to be able to interest the public or society in the products or services that are being offered to people, other organizations, and sometimes, the government.

Innovation is rather important to a company because it makes sure that the business stays current and can deal with the competition. Innovation is a process where something new is invented, or an existing idea or product is being bettered. Usually, there is some passage of time that allows for experimentation and the study of the market.

An organization must adjust to the demands of the public, and since the world is constantly evolving, innovation makes sure that any changes are adjusted accordingly.

Innovation can also be the development of new ideas, the technology used by the company, or new products that are being offered. A clear example of innovation is the advancement of computers and other personal technologies and communication devices. In case some companies did not follow the increasing pace of innovations, they would not be able to survive the competition (Bruce, 2002).

Design of an organization also plays an important role in the market. The structural design of a business relates to how business functions and the internal working and manipulations of the necessary systems. Sometimes, the design is enhanced through innovation, but there are cases when past styles or techniques are used. The same can be said about the visual and functional appeal of products or services.

The design of products that are used to perform some sort of function can be observed through the engineering ideas put into the product. The more useful, functioning, and appealing a product is, the more demand it will have in the population, thus increasing profits. The visual design also presents a great deal about the organization, as it sends out a message of what the business is involved in and how it plans to deliver best and most useful service or products (Bruce, 2002).

Creativity is instrumental within the innovation and design of any organization. It is the idea behind ways of how to organize a business, present it to the people and the way the public will judge the company. Most commonly, it starts with a creative thought that relates to the organization of a business, its products or services, the present and future work of the company. Even though creativity always deals with the appeal, it is also significant in the functions of the business.

Creativity is used in thinking up new products and bettering the already existing ones, so it is closely tied with innovation. About production, creativity requires criticism and brings out the personal side of the individual responsible and the whole company. As all people are somewhat different and unique, all employees can input their creativity and add to the changes that take place (Mann, 2011).

In the end, innovation, design, and creativity are closely tied. One cannot exist without the other, and all three must be present in a company that plans to move forward and involve itself with society.


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