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Maliek WilliamsProfessor Music AppreciationJanuary 17, 2018When it comes to concert etiquette there are a few rules you must follow. Concert etiquette is a set of rules watched by the audience attending the musical performance. These norms can change depending on the type of music performance. Two of the most important rules are ones you do not think of. They are kind of unspoken rules. The two rules I am talking about are abiding by dress code rules and being punctual. Being punctual is really important because, you could be denied entrance or distract the orchestra. When attending an event, you should arrive around thirty minutes before to the beginning of the performance.

This allows for you and your guests enough time to use the bathroom, locate seats, and get settled in before the performance. A good rule of thumb is to arrive early because some concert halls open up  60 to 90 minutes early. Do not forget to stay in your seat until the end or wait for the intermission.

Standing up and walking around before the end of a concert  is disrespectful. The other important rule is dress attire. According to Proper Etiquette When watching A Classical Concert, “ What you wear depends on the type of concert you are going to.”  Since we’re talking about classical concerts, it’s best to wear something that’s in between.

The article says that you should wear something that is ” not too casual and yet not too formal.”  For example, wear an outfit that you would put on for  an interview or  meeting. You should also not wear anything that can obstruct the person sitting behind yous view.

A few of the other rules that go hand in hand would be, staying quiet during the performance, making sure all electronic devices are off or on silent and making sure you are not clapping at inappropriate times. While the concert is going on you should not be talking to the person or group of people you came with. However some may think it is okay to hum, sing, or whistle along, this should be avoided. It is considered disrespectful and unessicarry. Also if people are talking during the performance it could potentially take away from the entire experience. So this way it would be more of a desired environment.

Phones and watches should be silenced as well for the same reasons, although it could be extremely embarrassing for a phone or watch to go off during a quiet part. All of the attention would be brought to that person. While clapping would be an appropriate thing to do, make sure it is done at the correct times. If unsure of the ending it’s safe to wait until most of the other audience is clapping, to avoid being in the wrong. Avoiding clapping until the end of the performance is an important factor because it could potentially distract the musicians and break the concentration they have while performing. The last rule of concert etiquette is about children.

While some older children will be able to sit still and behave while following the rules, it is common that most children that are younger will not be able to handle the discipline that comes with the concert experience. Younger children usually can not sit still and have no concept of when they need to be quiet and when they are not allowed to talk or play with their toys and or tablets.  Kids are prohibited but not necessarily welcomed. There is a lot of variables that come into play when it comes to taking kids out. When taking kids to a formal concert it is important to have a plan.