Imperial rome and han china

During theclassical period, many civilizations and large land bases were formed. Of these many civilizations, two main ones were Han China and Imperial Rome. Although Han China and Imperial Rome both had similar government structures and trading systems, they both had two very different militaries. Han and Imperial Rome both exercised political control through similar government structures and social hierarchies.

There were many elites who supported Han China’s emperor, Wu di and the “ mandate of Heaven. ” In Han, their government hierarchies were based on confusium. The followers of this included many bureaucrats, common people, and peasants. Imperial rome had a had a very similar way of ranking these people. Rome had a main leader. Emperor Augustus Ceasar. The top class in Rome was then bureaucrats and politicians, much like Han China. Below them came merchants, common people, and peasants.

Then even below them came Slaves used for labor, but this was only used in Imperial Rome. This ranking system was a major similarity between these two civilizations political structure, and structure both civilizations greatly. Even though Imperial Rome and Han had very similar political structures their militaries were very different. Rome’s military was used to reinforce laws, and was very strong and powerful, unlike Han china. In Han China, their military is mainly used for less important issues.

The emperor in Imperial Rome headed the military, and in Han China, the emperor was not the only one heading the military. Rome and Han China’s trading system was very similar. These two civilizations both traded on the silk road. The silk road was a group of trading routes that spread between Asian, European, and African civilizations. Many things would be traded on these systems including fabrics like silk, produce, and many more. Because Han China and Imperial rome both used this, there trading system became very alike.

Because of the trade between many different civilizations, and generic weights and measurement system had to be made so everyone could understand. This trading system was just one of the many similarities between Han China and imperial Rome. Over all, Han China and Imperial Rome had many similarities and differences and were two very well known civilizations. Although Han and Rome both had similar political structures and trade systems, their militaries were very different. These were both well runned civilizations but both had their flaws.