Healing hospital: a daring paradigm essay samples

In health care, the role of spirituality is vital. The world of science is based in the view that every concept originated in experience or applicable to all the things that can be experienced while in the world of spirituality is based on personal and collective experiences in nature of being and the world that encompasses it. The healing hospitals are the health care institutions that focus on providing quality health care to patients with love. Healing hospitals believed in the traditional concept of healing; it focuses on providing love to patients as a basic element of the healing process. In addition, healing hospitals provide quality health care to all patients by means of the application of a healing model entailed to create a risk free environment. “ The main point of the paradigm of the healing hospitals are to eliminate the environmental factors that caused to a slow recovery or non – recovery of patients from their illness whether directly or indirectly; it is based on the belief that the exposure to a friendly environment can lessen or eliminate stress to patients or some health risks to patients.”
The paradigms of the healing hospitals ensure the entire patient to provide with maximum care, to maintain privacy and dignity, and the spiritual cure as well. It addresses different aspects in life emotionally, spiritually, socially, and mental concerns to patients. The healing on physical environment, culture of loving care, and the advanced technology are part of the healing hospitals’ paradigm. There are designs of healing hospitals that take advantage of the healing powers of the green environment. Accordingly, common notions to hospitals are the settings for the stressful moments especially for the patients. For this reason, healing hospitals make sure to create difference in healing and recovery of patients. The healing hospitals’ interior designs really promote calm healing. In Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, their waiting room in the emergency department has an area that beckons all visitors to relax well and release all the stress off from their minds. The components of healing physical environment are merely concerned with clean, beautiful, and healthy surroundings for patients and family members as well. The hospitals ensure that every room is tidy, well – ventilated area, neat, and aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. Through cleanliness, it helps reduce stress levels in patients to cope with illnesses associated with depressions. In addition, a stress – free environment helps to enable the caregivers to deliver utmost care to patients and family members freely.
In the spiritual point of view, the element of healing supports the religious beliefs that human beings are equally treated with dignity regardless of status or religion. In Springfield Regional Medical Center, everyone of different faith is all welcome to find healing. Doing good works or God’s work is part of their visions. God asks his children to care for the sick compassionately. In John 4: 43-50, the need of a dying person needs God to heal his son and God healed his son . Healing hospitals support the dignity of human beings by providing a calm environment for recovery and caregivers take care of the patients with dignity. The work design and technology combinations, healing hospitals provide the most advanced technology to the personnel to enable them to serve the patients effectively and efficiently. In fact, it formalized an approach to healing that addressed three components such as physical design features, culture of care, and technology respectively. The physical facility design, there are researches that conducted enhancements to facilities for more comfort and better experiences; aesthetics on gardens, walls, furniture, soothing colors, and decorations. Compassionate, holistic, and loving approaches defined how the patients are handled in healing hospitals. Hospitals installed separate elevators to transport the patients, an improved physician access for laboratory tests, and rooms with entertainment systems. Patients who are in the hospital are not just having illness physically; however, patients undergo series of pain emotionally and spiritually. The emphasis on fast recovery of the illness and wellness of the entire body of the patients are at the same time the paradigm of the healing hospitals.
The merging of traditional medicine with spirituality that used complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is the period of rediscovery of the health care field and is used commonly. It raised many opportunities for better improvement on patient care. Caregivers show compassion for the patients and all members in the healing hospitals are compassionate enough towards each other and to one self. In the book of Matthew, the Ten Commandments in Christianity, the second greatest commandment is to show love to everyone. Love is the basis of kindness for the patients, family members, the caregivers, and the society as a whole. Healing hospitals support genuine love for all people regardless of status, seniority, or medical conditions. Based on the teaching of the Bible, caregivers and all hospital staff are capable to provide holistic care to patients; not paying attention to the efforts, they performed. The spiritual approach enables everyone to serve the patients sincerely, patiently, and compassionately.
Therefore, healing hospitals used the traditional concept of healing in providing excellent health care to patients that is love. The healing hospital paradigm provides the physical environment a stress – free environment that is favorable for recovery from illness, with an enhanced technology through more researches conducted effectively and efficiently. Above all, caregivers adapted a culture of loving care to the patients, to colleagues, and themselves. Based on the paradigm, healing hospitals are effective in addressing the health necessities of every patient; eliminate the disturbing factors that contribute stress and slow recovery as well. A healthy exposure to a stress – free and friendly environment with a positive outlook, if not eliminate stress; possibly lessen stress to patients and members of the family and strengthen the spiritual aspect as a human being.


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