Good report on champagne for celebration

Champagne for Celebration is a short movie of four and a half minutes whose main characters include a couple (Ashley and Shane) and a waiter named Steven. The setting of the movie is a calm restaurant, which is not at all crowded. The movie begins as Ashley and Shane enters the restaurant and orders their lunch to Steven. From the very beginning, Shane acts very suspiciously. First, he was shaking nervously at the table, continuously patting on his trousers. Then, in the bathroom, Shane was speaking to somebody on the phone saying unclear stuff. This attitude made Steven curious. He thought Shane was planning to harm Ashley. The same perception is delivered to the viewer who thinks there is something wrong going.
The suspense and mystery continue until the end when the couple orders champagne. Shane drops something in Ashley’s glass. However, Steven immediately takes away the glass from Ashley as soon as she takes her first sip. At this moment, the suspense was revealed. Ashley found a ring in her glass. The viewer gets to know Shane was nervous about proposing her. There was nothing mysterious about him. The word champagne is included in the film name, because great emphasis is laid upon it. The key to suspense of the movie lies in it. Therefore for this movie, champagne is of significant importance.
The interior setting, clothing style and sound quality has been chosen in accordance with the set theme of the movie. Expressionist style has been selected to give a little noir style to the movie. Dull background and fewer colors have been to comply with the tensed theme selected. However, adding a little more colors in the background would not have harmed the theme so much. In fact, it would been better because today’s generation and youth prefers bright colors. It will attract more audience and will also reflect the theme of celebration in the movie as well.
Diegetic sound style has been selected to increase the tension and anxiety in the room. Some viewers might look for a rather fast track. However, the sound quality best matches with its theme. The intention behind the film was to induce anxiety within viewer’s minds. Therefore, it was essential to include such a track in the background. However, the soundtrack changes in the end when the mood of film changes from tension to happiness and celebration. This gradual change in the mood is obvious in the background music of film, as well.
Perfect use of camera and lens can be seen throughout the movie. The lens used to capture the shorts is of standard size 18-35mm. It allows a nice maneuverability between different shots. Careful close ups and focus has been made. This can especially be seen at the end of the movie during the champagne scene. Telephone lens has been used to focus the waiter primarily than the champagne. Similarly, when Ashley finds the ring, the background is blurred focusing more on the Ashley’s expressions and rings. This shows the sudden happiness and excitement in the room. However, there is a little inaccuracy in this scene. The movement of Steven and Ashley was so abrupt that it was impossible to figure to out immediately what has happened. This was more of a mistake in acting then shooting.
Other examples depicting perfect camera shots also include the bathroom scene where Shane’s act is hidden. This further enhances the mystery and makes the viewer more curious about the suspense. Similarly, expression Steven has also been focused to clearly build suspense in movie. If this had been missing from the movies, then the main intention of film would have been failed.
The editing pace is another exceptional quality of the movie, which makes the film successful. The protagonist has been slow in the beginning to show boredom of waiter. It gradually becomes faster in the middle to build anxiety and tension. Finally, it again slows down in the end.