Globalisation is a positive force for the whole world

Globalisation is a positive force for the whole world Globalisation has made the world a smaller place. But what is Globalisation? Globalisation is a process of interaction and integration among companies, the government of different countries and amongst people. Globalisation is a process that is mostly made by international trade and investing. Globalisation has an effect on the environment, different cultures, the political systems, economical development and on human physical well-being around the world. I think that globalisation is a positive force to the world because it gives rise to more industries and more jobs in developing countries. This is good because it will help the LEDC to develop more. This means that the countries are helping each other to make them more developed. Globalisation is also good because now there are worldwide markets for companies and consumers to access product from all different countries. This is good because then wherever you go there will always be the shop where you buy your groceries or you clothe. This will give a person a home feeling of comfort. Another reason why globalisation is good is that each country is learning more about other cultures. This is good because it makes our world more interconnected. Also, if you go to a new country, you will already know some things about it and this will help you to adjust to the country easier. But globalisation doesn’t only have good sides. Globalisation can also be bad because it will force poor countries to do whatever the richer countries tell them to do. There is a huge pressure on the employed workers of developing countries because they are under the threat of their jobs being outsourced. This is bad because then the rich countries will become richer by making the poorer countries work for them and ordering them around. Then, eventually, the world will be ruled by the rich countries which is my next point. Globalisation is bad because there is a threat of corporates ruling the world because there is a lot of power and money invested by them due to globalisation. This would be bad then no country would have somebody ruling but the whole world would be ruled by one country. This would also end up making the whole world the same because they are all doing the same that the rich country told them to do. Lastly, globalisation is bad because companies take away the spot for original and traditional places. This will make the world, eventually, be exactly the same and there will be no more unique things about a specific country. With all these arguments I have decided that the main reason why I don’t agree with the statement: “ Globalisation is a positive force for the whole world” is that it will make the whole world the same and there will be nothing unique about any country. The main reason why I do agree with the satement is that it helps LEDC to develop more and improve their country. All in all, I would say that globalisation is a short term positive force for the world, but if it will continue for a long term, there will be some type of consequences. 534 words.