Global warming’s terrifying new math by bill mckibben

Global Warming The article Global Warmings Terrifying new Math By Bill McKibben explains that global warming has led to a significant change in climate all over the world. Global warming is caused by combustion of fossil fuels, which will emit carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The article explains of the devastating impacts that will result from burning of fossil fuels. McKibben uses Gigatons, percentages and degrees Celsius to explain the extreme changes in climate that global warming cause and elaborates that fossil fuel combustion needs to be eliminated so as to deal with global warming. Global warming has caused significant changes in climate patterns as it cause the earth’s temperature to rise above the normal, which is detrimental to the ecosystem. Humans are solely responsible for global warming as they engage in activities such as combustion of fossil fuels, and this emits carbon, which cause global warming (McKibben). Efforts to curb global warming have failed, and this is because industrialization has resulted to use of carbon dioxide and the emissions have continued to increase over time. The situation has been made worse because developing countries are trying to emulate the west by becoming industrialized, and this further increases the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. To reduce the carbon print, many countries have come up with policies that aim at reducing emission of carbon dioxide but the efforts have failed. Petroleum companies have been blamed for the big emissions of carbon dioxide they cause as the industry is profitable and imposing regulations on them would reduce the incomes of countries. To protect the ecosystem from the adverse effects of global warming people all over the world and political leaders and environmentalists need to collaborate and advocate for people to reduce their carbon print so that the environment remains sustainable for future generations.
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