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Background of the music
The song entitled “ What a Wonderful World” is written by the two prominent in the world of music, Bob Thiele as George Douglas, the producer and George David Weiss, the composer. Originally, the song was offered to Tony Bennett but was turned down. “ What a Wonderful World” song was first recorded by the famous American jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, Louisiana, Louis Armstrong aka Satchmo. The song was released as a single in 1967 as the biggest selling single of 1968 in the United Kingdom and one of the most successful hit songs of all time. The recording done by Armstrong was successfully inducted in 1999 in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Relationship of the music to its lyric

The song “ What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong is about the appreciation of the beauty of our surroundings. It describes the how the trees have grown and the how the flowers bloom beautifully. It even describes the amazing color of the sky, during day and night. All the beauties of the surrounding are appreciated by the people around that show friendship. The song uses an optimistic tone and being hopeful for the future of the new generations to have a better world full of love.

Melody, harmony, and instrumentation of the music

Everything is perfect. The harmony of the song is changing dramatically and keeping the melody the same. The passage of the instrumentation is so smooth. The music perfectly conveys simplicity, positive mood, and passion in every lyric as it goes.

Cultural significance and influence

Personally, I would say that the song has a great impact in every culture all over the world. The artist itself demonstrates striking aura as a person; race is not of any burden when it comes to music. The lyrics speaks about how wonderful the world we have. If only every individual will show love with each other above all things, believe that the world is perfect for everyone, then peace and understanding prevails.

Personal view

Anytime I listen with this music, especially when I need to calm myself. This song is one of my all time favorites. At my young age, I still appreciate the song that much. While watching the beauty of the trees and flowers at home, it is perfect. A nature lover like me would never run out of any moment to listen to this music and I even sing along as the music plays. I am inspired with this song, in fact while writing this paper; the music is playing along repeatedly.

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