Free critical thinking on economics issues

Chapter 3

Many people do not support the idea of going green if this will lead to an increase in prices of goods. Increase in prices reduces the purchasing power of people and as a result, people may prefer not going green. This is where the government should intervene for the benefit of the whole society.
Recycling does not work. Even though there are recommendations that many items be recycled, there are no companies that can help recycle the various products and if they exist, the citizens are now aware of how they can recycle these products. Hugging a tree is very rare these days.
Developing countries are not concerned much about the environment. This is because environment protection is too expensive for these countries and they cannot afford this. Their major concern is to ensure that the people get their basic needs but the issue of environment is of less concern.
The decision by developing countries not to take care of the environment is leading to negative effects to the environment. It is accelerating global warming leading to climate change that affects the whole world.
It is fair that GE bears the financial responsibility of cleaning the river. This is because the company benefits from the pollution that leads to production of goods and services. It benefits from the profits alone hence should bear the costs. It should also clean the backyard. The process should be that the owner of the backyard should sue GE for the cleaning process and it will be made to clean the backyard.

Chapter eleven

Industries have affected the agricultural sector because they have facilitated climate change hindering growth of crops. Pollution of water in rivers has made it difficult to use the water for irrigation purposes. The social economic effects are that people have reduced their farming activities. Agriculture is currently less profitable since climate has changed and rain in most regions is becoming unreliable.
Education should be financed publicly. This is because the society benefit if all its members become learned. Currently, the education does not benefit people equally since some people still cannot afford education. Children do not realize their talents because some cannot afford to take courses they are talented in.
Our education system has become over generalized. Students do not have same talents and same interests. Only those who qualify in senior high school should be allowed to join colleges. The rest can pursue other courses that are of benefit to them. Students should not be given same schooling but should be varied according to the interests of an individual.
I am taking contemporary economics because I am interested in the current issues in various economies. I expect that the course will help me realize how current economic problems can be dealt with. I am taking college education to help me gain knowledge that will lead to my employment or help me start and manage my own businesses.