Fazza Galleria’s Human Resource Management


When opening a new luxury department store, human resource planning is one of the most significant tasks that the top management unit will need to consider before a firm becomes operational. It is one of the initial tasks that should be done in order to determine the approach that the organization will take in hiring and managing its employees.

Human Capital is one of the most important factors that an organization needs so as to operate normally. Human Capital defines the path that an organization takes based on the manner in which they implement the strategies developed by the top management.

Employees are always in constant interaction with the customers and other stakeholders within the external environment. This means that they are the best ambassadors of any given organization. Customers or the general public will base their judgment about a firm on the nature of the experience they had with the employees of a firm. Similarly, the top management needs the employees for two very important tasks.

When formulating policies, the employees who are always in the field are needed to help inform the top management about the current situation in the market and the changing tastes of the customers. This will ensure that the formulated policies are sensitive to environmental conditions. When the policies have been formulated, the top management will also need the employees in the implementation process. They will need to apply the policies while in the field to help the organization to achieve its objectives.

Fazza Galleria is expected to be one of the leading prestigious shopping galleries in the city of Dubai. The project is underway, and it is important to clearly define the nature of the employees who will be involved in its normal operations. When starting a new business, it is important to be careful with the type of employees hired to undertake various duties.

This is specifically so if the new business is planning to operate in the high-end market. This business unit will target the upper middle class and the upper-class members of this society. These are people who are very sensitive, not only of the products they receive from the shops but also the manner in which they are served. They need a workforce that understands their mentality and are able to meet their demands efficiently.

Fazza Galleria will need employees who understand the market needs, changes brought about by technology and cultural influence on consumer purchasing pattern. It means that the employees must have a good educational background, skills, and talents to address various tasks within the mall, and the desire to meet and exceed the set expectations. Those who will be directly involved with the handling of the customers should be fluent and very presentable.

Given that this is a high-end shopping mall, it may even require employees who are bilingual given the cosmopolitan nature of the city of Dubai. In this section, the focus will be to define human resource planning that will be used by the relevant authorities when establishing the plant. The human capital strategy will be changed every 6 years and the amendments will be revised ongoing bases, as an annual revision with the top management.

Human Capital Mission

The mission of the Fazza Galleria HR Function is to:

Develop a competent and capable UAE national workforce.

Advocate and implement policies, programs, and processes that develop the citizens of the UAE and to be aligned with Dubai vision and the upcoming event of Expo 2020.

Enable the growth of a “ one FG culture”

Create and sustain an environment where both individual achievement and collective results are recognized and rewarded.

Build better leaders

Enable, equip and empower current and future leaders to effectively manage, lead, develop, and engage employees.

Human Capital SWOT

It is the process of the identification of development needs and opportunities for FG and the way to measure these needs by using different means of self-assessment tools to confirm on the personal strengths and the opportunities come from it, and also point out the weaknesses and what threats it might lead to.

Strengths Weaknesses
Senior leadership support.

High employee expectations.

An HR Team motivated to improve and adapt to changes.

Attractive Payscale as the private sector.

Pension scheme.

Make UAE Nationals move the private sector.

Emiratisation Program.

UAE national fresh Graduates Program.

Scholarships studies specialized in commercial majors.

Partnerships with universities inside and outside the UAE.

Leadership Program for UAE Nationals.

Absher initiative will be the focus on recruitment and selection.

Attractive benefits such as health insurance, tuitions fees, and airfare tickets.

Resource allocation

Mix- culture.

UAE Culture, traditions (working in a shopping mall; family obligation).

Poor Employee Engagement

Less Skilled in Organization

Opportunities Threats
Clear roles & responsibilities for HR teams, regardless of affiliations.

“1HC”- Best Class.

Promote employee communication.

Transformational change coaching council.

Work delivery on time (customer satisfaction)

Career progression.

Customer loyalty, influence, and motivation.

Navigating in Various Employment Laws

Handling HR Projects within organizational development

Handling Employee Conflict and Grievances.

Effect on the quality of work and services.

I am failing to deliver quality and efficiency.

HR services.

Mediocre contribution to the Human Resource team.

Lead an HR team.

Fazza Galleria Human Capital Strategy The “ WHAT”

A. Develop and implement the FG Talent Management Framework

  1. Attract the right people in the right place at the right time.
  • Develop a comprehensive, FG workforce plan.
  • Establish a robust talent pipeline, from shop floor to new graduates and experienced hires.
  1. Engage: delivering fair, consistent, and transparent performance and rewards programs:
  • Drive harmonization of Compensation & Benefits across the company.
  • Analyze and consciously improve the Performance Management process.
  • Enhance the unitization of HR Technology.
  1. Build: Improving capability and building culture across the organization
  • Create and implement a Learning & Development Roadmap.
  • Streamline the career development processes.
  • Create and deploy a program to develop future executives.
  • Continually refine and expand existing learning and development offerings.
  1. Leverage: Extracting full value and capability from all members of the organization.
  • Create and maintain a holistic review process and business continuity plan.
  • Emiratisation- Develop and implement a strategy that builds capability in the UAE.
  1. Retain: Promoting clear and open lines of communication about a career at DM.
  • Identify and deploy an Employee Engagement Survey.
  • Develop and maintain a communications plan relevant to all stakeholders.

B. Build one FG Human Capital Team

  • Develop” One HR” structure and culture to serve all of FG.
  • Improve HR Team Capability via coaching and recognized certifications.

C. Create an HR Operations Unit

  • Consolidate high volume, lower value transactions to a central processing center.
  • Enhance operational performance through Shared Services Benchmarking.

D. Training & Scholarships

  • Establish Fazza Academia that will be accountable for providing training and assessments for the staff.
  • Scholarship program for UAE nationals to study commercial majors in universities inside and outside the UAE.

Future Human Capital Scope

Corporate HR Scope

  • Reports to Executive Director- Corporate Affairs
  • Create HR Strategy, Policy, Procedures, and common goals across FG.
  • Focus is on providing HR governance and technical expertise across the organization.
  • Supports smaller organizations and new projects from due diligence to start-up.
  • Can provide shared HC support for transactions common across FG.
  • Compensation and benefits- responsible for reward structure, policy, and process across the organization.
  • Performance management- leads the performance management process across the organization.
  • Responsible for policy and corporate governance for HC in FG.
  • Workforce Planning- leads the process to ensure alignment of Manpower Plans across the organization Management the HQ Manpower Plan.
  • Recruitment– responsible for the overall staffing processes, testing procedures, and vendor selection.
  • Learning – provides core leadership and management programs that benefit all FG employees.
  • Organizational Effectiveness– Responsible for organization-wide improvement initiatives, i.e: Succession Planning and the Employee Engagement Survey.

Functional Organizational Structure of Fazza Galleria

The management of FG decided to use the functional structure for the Galleria. This organizational structure type is the best practice and the common type of organization structure is used and adapted by the largest firms.

The Organizational Structure of the Galleria will have functions department that each is accountable for its roles and responsibilities, and it has a high-ranking executive at the top. All the departments will be reporting the Chief Operation Officer, and the COO will be reporting to the CEO and in case of CEO absence the COO will be accountable for the operating business of the Galleria. The reason behind using this type of structure, because is that it’s easy to recognize, and keeps businesses efficiently grouped. Moreover, this type of organization structure will boost the business and will meet the values of FG. (Appendix 1)

Policy Manual / Ownership / Change Management & Approvals

The following Laws & Policies will be applicable t the HC Policy:

Document No.
Federal Labour Law/ UAE Federal Law
Pension Scheme for UAE national and GCC Pension Schemes
Civil Service Law of the Emirate of Dubai

Conditions to be taken into consideration when applying the policy manual:

  • In case of inconsistency between the above-mentioned laws/policies and the contents of this Policy Manual, the relevant legislation will take precedence.
  • In case a situation is not covered in this Policy Manual, then the UAE Labor Law should be consulted.
  • The Policy Manual will serve as a point of references for all FG employees to ensure that policies are properly and consistently applied.
  • The employee will be trained in the policy manual by having HR Workshops presented by the HR Business Partners in each segment.
  • The policies in this Manual are applicable to all the personnel with a valid employment contract with FG.
  • All the Employees will be trained on all the parts of the manual pertaining to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Employees will have a thorough understanding of the guidelines, which will be adhered to by all the concerned Employees.

Policy Manual Ownership, Change Management & Approvals


  • The Manual will be under the control of the HC Department.
  • The editable copy of the document will not be made available to any of FG Employees.
  • A soft copy of the policy manual will be stored on a central server and will be made available to employees in a non-editable format.

Change Management

  • The Manual is reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure its adequacy and enhancement.
  • Any changes emerging in the yearly reviews shall be documented, reviewed and approved by the corresponding committee.
  • HC Director is the only authorized personnel to prepare any amendment of the current policy manual after incorporating the approved changes.


  • HC Committee members are the only authorized personnel to approve and re-approve any policies related to HC department.
  • All violations will be treated as exceptions and will be reported to the CEO. If the violation is consistent throughout FG, it will be reported to the CEO.
  • The CEO will approve the agreement on resource requirement, organization, and recruitment plans.

Fazza Galleria Compensation Review

A convenient grading structure will be applied for all jobs across FG. This structure will recognize internal relative. The grading structure that will be used for FG is the Hay Job Evaluation methodology for proper mapping. (Appendix 2)

HC Strategy – Recruitment

Recruiting of new employees is one of the most challenging tasks, especially for a new organization that is just getting operational. According to Novikova (2009), recruiting employees for a new firm involves hiring employees in all departments. It is very different from the case of hiring employees in an already established firm.

It is important to ensure that the process of recruiting the employees is effective enough to management a firm to get the right workforce. The process should be thorough enough to ensure that the mall has competent employees who understand the needs of the consumers.

This shopping Galleria will need an appropriate recruitment strategy that will not only help it get the right candidates for various positions but also enable it to create teams in various departments that can work as a unit towards achieving specific objectives.

The following model is extremely effective in defining the right approach that can be taken in the recruitment process, including the maximum duration for each phase. About Five months to hire the best caliber for FG excluding the notice period and visa processing for non-UAE Nationals and other recruitment formalities. In case of sudden resignations, HC department will take alternative backups plans such as:

  • Hire part-time jobs
  • Internal Recruitment (HC announcement)
  • Job rotations program for each department and employee, to enable other staff from the same department and background to learn all the tasks and responsibilities for each profession.
  • Notice period in the HR policy manual will be from one month to 6 months from gradates – Mid Career to Top management)

Manpower Planning and Employment

The manpower plan of the FG will outlines manpower requirements and provides guidance in assessing short and long term needs. It also addresses the current state and growth of the existing headcount, both (permanent and temporary Employees) based on the strategic plan of FG and its organizational structure.

The manpower plan will define the following:

  1. Future competencies and skill sets.
  2. Requested amount of manpower.
  3. Timeframe for meeting the manpower requirements.

Any future manpower requirements shall be determined as per business needs, objectives and by matching the existing manpower against projected volumes and categories of work. Moreover, any unplanned recruitment may be conducted to overcome unforeseen manpower requirements, for example, to replace sudden resignations, new projects, etc.

All manpower requirements (which are not within the approved manpower budget) shall require approval from the CEO only. HC Director, along with the respective Department Heads shall be accountable for ensuring that manpower requirements are identified for the current year and the following year, as part of the manpower planning process.

This process of manpower plan shall be prepared annually in line with the yearly budgeting process. The manpower plan shall include the following aspects (for permanent and contingent staff):

  • Total positions;
  • Job positions that are occupied;
  • Vacant positions;
  • New job positions;
  • Each position’s grade, etc.

The sourcing for positions as per the approved manpower plan shall be initiated by completing an Employee Requisition Form, at least two months in advance. The Employee Requisition Form shall include the details of the position such as job title, grade, etc, and the respective Department Head must approve this. The Employee Requisition Form should be supported by the job description of the required position, which shall include at least the following:

  1. Roles and responsibilities required performing.
  2. Knowledge and impressive skills.
  3. Minimum education.
  4. Minimum years of experience.

As shown in the figure below, the human capital management will need to follow a rigorous process in order to end up with the right candidates for various departments within the model.

Recruitment process

Figure 1: Recruitment Process

Step1: Receiving requirement from the concerned department

Under the HC department, there will be a talent acquisition section that will be accountable for all recruitments formalities. Each employee will be an account manager specialized in several departments. He/ She will communicate with the department head to fill the manpower requirements for the whole year and for each quarter. All the details of the manpower plan request will be managed through the ERP – I recruitment system.

(See Appendix 3: Manpower Plan Request Form)

Step 2: Sourcing

All sourcing shall be based on the manpower plan developed annually by the Head of HC in consultation with the Department Head and COO. Job vacancies or immediate needs may, however, occur during the course of the year, and in this case, the relevant Department Head shall initiate an Employment Requisition.

In line with the Section No. (5) Employment, of the Executive By the law of the Civil Services Code No. (1) of 2006, HC has to take into consideration the all employees must be at least 18 and maximum 60 years of age. Candidates above 60 years of age can only be considered if they possess special qualifications and experience needed.

To meet the Emiratization objective and in line with the Emiratization Plan set up by FG, employment priority shall be given to UAE Nationals (if they match the specific job requirements). If it is not possible to source an appropriate UAE National candidate (either externally or via an internal promotion or transfer), HC shall use appropriate means of sourcing to recruiting candidates from other nationalities; GCC, Arab Countries and lately Foreigners.

The aim of FG is to support promoting employees within the organization. This is to encourage and motivate existing employees to achieve their personal development objectives. All internal recruitment follows the process for regular recruitment to ensure that the candidate is the right fit for the job including the security clearance check step.

FG will recruit its high caliber from various channels when it comes via sourcing candidates. These may include the following:

  1. Media advertisements, such as newspapers, magazines.
  2. Job posting on websites, such as Dubai Government Jobs Website or LinkedIn.
  3. Absher Initiative for Private Sectors.
  4. Recruiting from colleges, universities and through recruiting agencies such as Sundus Agency.
  5. Recruitment Exhibitions
  6. An existing database of candidates.
  7. Referrals

Sourcing for a position shall be based on the job description and must identify the essential criteria in order to ensure a suitable match of candidates and position.

Step 3: Shortlisting

FG Candidates will go through a standard screening process to assess their qualifications against the job requirements and short-list the most appropriate and suitable candidates for the required position. Short-listed candidates (within UAE/GCC or international countries) shall be interviewed in-person, or through video-conference(s) if they are outside the UAE, and shall be assessed by an Evaluation Panel.

Step 4: Gathering Applicant Documents

The Talent Acquisition account manager will contact the candidate and send an official email in regards to fill the job application form that has the personal information, education background, work experience, and expected salary. For more details please view (Appendix 4 Job Application Form).

Step 5: Clearance

Security Checks shall be conducted to ensure that the selected candidate has a good reputation, is not previously sentenced, involved in any crime or misdemeanor prejudicing his / her honor or trust, unless he/she is pardoned for the offense committed, by the competent authorities. The Security Council shall provide written confirmation on the selection of the candidate by official letter to FG Human Capital.

Step 6: Interview & Assessment

When the first screening process is successfully completed, the next important phase will be the submission and interview. The names of the candidates who passed the screening stage will be submitted to the interviewing panel will clear explanation of why they are considered more qualified than other candidates. At this stage, the panel will need to conduct a professional interview in order to determine whether the selected candidates have the right qualifications and values that the organization needs.

The panel should cross-examine the candidates to determine if they truly reflect their academic qualification. Other than their academic qualifications, there are other features that this panel should be sensitive about based on the tasks that these employees will be assigned. For instance, academic qualification may not be very important when interviewing candidates to work as loaders.

Here, the physical strength and the will power are the key determining factors. For the shop assistants, other than the academic qualifications, beauty, fluency in spoken language, and being presentable are some of the key factors that will determine their qualification because they will constantly be interacting with the customers.

High-end consumers like being in an organized environment with presentable and well-spoken people. This might be the edge that this firm needs in order to outsmart some of its archrivals in the market. For the cashiers, they also need to be presentable because they will interact with the customers.

Emphasis on academic background and work experience will be needed for the employees who will take managerial positions because they will be needed to come up with relevant policies based on the prevailing internal and external environmental conditions. This interview should be completed six months before the official launch of this firm. This will give an allowance to make any changes in case this might be necessary before the official launch.

The Evaluation Panel, which consists of representatives from HC and from the requisitioning department, will conduct interviews and assess the suitability of the candidates who meet the selection criteria. The Evaluation Panel for selecting the candidate for the vacant position should consist of a minimum of two members – one from HC, and one from the requesting department. The members at a minimum should be of the same grade of the position being interviewed, if not higher.

In case of a disagreement among the members of the Interview Panel, the next line of management may request to conduct another round of interview, based on the requirements.

Short-listed candidates from other countries, who need to travel from their home country to attend the interview, FG will reimburse for reasonable expenses incurred, as previously authorized by the HC Manager, (including, round trip flight, visa, accommodation, etc.). Alternatively, HC & GS Departments will make the required arrangements for the candidate. The most appropriate and suitable candidate shall be selected and the reserved candidates shall be identified and ranked for future reference if required.

All Candidates after passing the interviews will go through employment assessment tests that are relevant to their job analysis and match the minimum requirements for the job descriptions. There will be a list of assessments to be evaluated for the candidate at the Fazza Academia, which is as the following:

  • Sales proficiency
  • Customer service
  • Communication, Interpersonal skills, and leadership test
  • Mathematical Tests
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Skill-aptitude (accounting, typing, etc.)

The pre-employment tests test will be launched at Fazza Academia, as the Talent Development are assessors, so there will be no any training provider or outsourced company for the assessments.

The assessment center will take charge of the assessments and provide a report to the HC team in regards to the tests types for instance: communications skills, sales skills of the candidate. The report from the Talent Development department will incorporate personal development recommendations as well as training development plan that will be taken into consideration after the hiring stage.

Step 6: Feedback and Job Offer

The HC will need to make the necessary feedback to the participants of the interview in order to inform them about the offer. The feedback is always given to the candidates who have been approved. After the interview, the panel will compare their rankings of different candidates and determine those with the highest ranks based on a number of parameters.

The ranking system is important because it helps the human resource team to identify the next best candidate in case the best candidate fails to report for one reason or the other. (Interview Assessment Form, Appendix 5)

The selected candidates should be contacted through phone and official email. The job offer will be extended to the candidate after getting it approved and signed from HC Director, COO, and CEO. After getting the offer signed, the offer will be sent to the candidate and a condition will be mentioned that the acceptance or rejection will be applicable for only 5 days. After the determined duration, the offer will be canceled.

The candidate could negotiate the offer, and in many cases of negotiations it will go through HC Committee for approval, and this will take two weeks time to get back to the candidate as the committee is conducted once a month. (Job offer, Appendix 6). A congratulation email will be sent to the candidate in case of acceptance and a thankful email in case of rejection.

Step 7: Rest of the Steps: (Contract & Induction)

Employment Contract

The Employment Contracts should be signed in the pre-induction day before they join FG. HC will provide several types of contracts, which are as the following:

  • UAE nationals with the pension scheme
  • UAE nationals without a pension (retiree)
  • GCC Contract including GCC Pension
  • Expats
  • Special contracts – for trainees doing an apprenticeship; for seconded employees/employees who are with the company for a limited duration, etc.

HC will offer unlimited employment contract of an Employee commences on the date of joining of the Employee at the company and fixed-term Employment Contract for consultants as well as positions requiring uncommon and highly specialized roles. Traditionally, a fixed term contract may last for no longer than two years. Moreover, it can be renewed for a similar or shorter period, more than once, provided that the total duration of the contract does not exceed four years.


All new Employees shall be eligible for induction/orientation training to ensure their smooth integration into the company. The HC and the relevant department will ensure that all new Employees receive proper orientation in order to acquaint themselves with FG and the Department’s vision, mission, values, it’s business and markets, organization structure and key processes.

Induction/orientation shall be conducted within several weeks week of an Employee’s joining the company. The Employee shall complete an evaluation form to assess the usefulness and effectiveness of the induction/orientation. (Appendix 7)


Continual Enhancement of employee learning and development through enrolling 100% of 300 employees under development and training program. Optimize the use of the performance management system to maximize employee efficiency through timely review and assessment. Descriptions are stated below:


  • Enhance the HSEQ awareness for all operational employees
  • Create an HSE awareness plan (signed & approved) (Mar 2015)
  • 100% implementation for the HSE awareness plan as per the schedule.
  • Submit monthly HSE training status report.

Cover 100% of all UAE National Employees under the Career Development Program

  • Assess 100% of UAE National employees. Sep 2015.
  • Create Personal Development plan for 100% of all FG employees, signed and approved.
  • Submit monthly Personal development action plan from each department by 28 from each month, via using the ERP System.

Work Attachment

  • Send each employee to at least one work attachment in the international luxuries mall in the UAE and outside to obtain the experience.
  • 100% completion of the Job Training procedure.
  • Monthly report about Job training status.


  • Training needs analysis (end of July every year)
  • 100% accuracy training plan with no conflict with the business and leave plan (0 cancelations)
  • Update the orientation program and 100% implementation end of Jan
  • Create behavioral competency awareness (end of Jan)
  • Up-to-date training documents training plan, attendance sheet, training evaluation, effectiveness evaluation, training plan, and undertaking.
  • Arrange a minimum of 5 students from the scholarship program to be trained in the mall.
  • Enroll 100% of the registered employees on performance appraisal management system, follow up the reviews.


  • Achieve 70 % of UAE nationals by the end of 2018.
  • Complete 100% of Workforce needs analysis to ensure the business has the right number of staff in the right locations with the right skills by the end of March 2016.
  • Arrange all requirements for new joiners, email, PC, desk, telephone etc one week before the joining date.
  • 100% follow up on IT requests and security clearance.
  • Ensure 100% effective and timely HR services.

Payroll & Compensation

  • Ensure that 100% of Non-Muslim is signing the legacy (End of Jan)
  • Review and amend all recruitment contract (End of March)
  • Employee satisfaction survey end of April
  • Create E-forms and procedures for the department
  • Create social activities engagement every 2 months such as Movie night, sports day, GYM membership, Ramadan Iftar, UAE National Day and Labour Day.

Organizational Structure (Organization structure, 2014)

Organization structure

Appendix A: Technical Competency Framework

Competency domain Expected behavior Current behavior Strategies for addressing the issue
Organizational Awareness An in-depth understanding of the key organizational processes is required for the normal functioning of the organization. Basic understanding of the processes of an organization in the food industry can be observed among the staff. However, it is desirable that awareness concerning the major issues that the organization is facing at present, especially the competition issues and the necessity to produce the food of the finest quality, should be raised. Acquiring the general information on organizational processes from traditional sources and specific data based on the organizational reports
External Awareness Ability to identify the key external factors affecting the organization, including the environmental ones is crucial for the organization at present since it will help the company identify the potential threats in an entirely new environment and, thus, be immune to the possible attacks of the competitors and the changes in the market. The basic concept of the competition issues, as well as the rates of demand and supply, can be observed in the company. However, a further introduction of a more coherent strategy of external analysis is required. Maintaining close supervision of the target market, with the identification of the potential rivals, as well as the incorporation of the key environmental issues affecting the business (e.g., a reduction in crops)
Media Techniques The organization integrates both traditional and modern media into the design of its marketing approach, as well as its promotion strategies; moreover, both e-commerce and direct advertising approaches are utilized for attracting more customers Traditional media is incorporated into the design of the company’s operations, which helps the company attract target customers in a rather efficient manner. However, because of the high prices for TV commercials and billboards, a cheaper alternative (modern media) should be explored. A thorough analysis of the advantages of modern media must be provided so that the organization could utilize its key assets to its benefit. At present, it is suggested that the company should focus on the
Office Technology The technology used in the office is updated and works perfectly well; the information management technologies provide complete safety of the company’s data, as well as the employees’ personal information (Kodama, 2012). The current information management raises some questions regarding the enhancement of corporate data security; particularly, the issue regarding the enhancement of the database security deserves to be mentioned. A significant upgrade in the quality of the equipment used for corporate data storage is required. It is imperative that a more
Legislation Knowledge The organization leaders understand fully the responsibilities that the current legislation demands the company to meet and are aware of the key strategies that will help make the organization’s key processes comply with these demands entirely. The organization meets the demands that the existing legislation of the United Kingdom has set for private entrepreneurship. No legal issues are presumably going to occur in the foreseeable future. For the success of the company, it is imperative that the firm should not have a negative record in its history of communicating with the state legal bodies. In order to maintain its positive reputation, the organization needs to set a schedule for close and scrutinizing audits for evaluating the company’s transparency.
Internal Operations Process Management The principles of sustainability are integrated into the supply, production and distribution processes; moreover, a comprehensive and legitimate risk management strategy based on split liabilities is introduced into the company’s environment. The organization is run on the basic concept of sustainability; however, some of the processes, including the supply and distribution processes, need a more elaborate strategy. In order to improve the current internal processes operation, the company needs to revisit its current sustainability principles. In addition, the financial strategy must be shaped so that some of the financial resources could be redirected towards promoting the organization and choosing a more flexible insurance strategy (Rejda & McNamara, 2014).
Project Management Techniques Every single domain is incorporated into the process of project management, including the communicational issues, the technologic ones, the economic concerns, etc. Though most of the demands listed above are met, the firm still falls behind the schedule in the completion of its projects because of the inconsistency of the current time management approach. It will be required to shift towards a more detailed schedule so that the staff could be able to perform the key tasks in an expeditious and orderly fashion. The importance of regular checks combine with a flexible system of reporting and a well thought out schedule for the project must be admitted. As soon as the organization incorporates a viable schedule into its set of strategies, efficient project management will become possible.
Change Management Techniques Kotter’s eight-step model for promoting change must be incorporated into the key processes of the company, therefore, affecting its production (Quinn, Amer, Lonie, Blackmore, Thompson & Pettigrove, 2012). It is crucial that the company should adopt towards the highly competitive environment of the global economy, which it is going to enter soon, and to make certain that the existing competitors should not eradicate the firm. The company is directed towards change and is going to introduce its members to new alterations in its operational processes soon. However, further design of the change management approach needs to be undertaken. It is suggested that Kotter’s model should be adopted within the organization as the key tool for promoting the change among the staff. Since major objections against change as the driving force behind the company’s operation processes are expected, it will be required to motivate the staff for not only accepting but also promote change within the organizations. Both financial incentives and moral support will be necessary. It is crucial that the staff should be encouraged for accepting the change from the very start of business; otherwise, it will be impossible to promote change as the basis for the organization’s vision and mission statement.
Specialist Knowledge The specialist shows moderate stamina in carrying out the basic requirements. The specialist demonstrates an ability to manage their assets in a very impressive manner, complying with the organization’s standards for the specialist’s qualifications, as well as physical strength. Extensive knowledge and outstanding skills of the staff are combined with the ability to acquire new knowledge on the topic
People Management A human resource planning system based on the concept of the staff and customer satisfaction is introduced into the organization’s framework; the human resource team is comprised of highly knowledgeable specialists assigning people with the tasks that they can handle The introduction of the human resource system is being in the development; a team of experts is working on the means to introduce the principles of sustainability into the company (Mullerat, 2011). By designing the human resource team carefully and assigning proper people to be at the helm of it, the company will be able to create a department store, where the customers’ needs are met and the employees are motivated
Business Analysis The financial state of the company is being checked on a regular basis with the provision of proper strategies based on the principles of corporate sustainability At present, financial audits are carried out on a regular basis in order to check the efficacy of the newly adopted financial approach. It is supposed, though, that the insurance strategy could be adapted towards the needs of the organization and at the same time be less costly (Gomez, 2012). A flexible reporting system together with a system of audits should be introduced into the operational system of the organization; thus, closer supervision of the key processes becomes possible
Grant Process Knowledge Every single domain of the Grant assessment is incorporated into the process of the evaluation, including such disciplines as Economics, Management and Business Studies, Psychology. Statistics and Computing and Methodologies. Thus, it becomes possible to address the issues emerging in the company’s progress based on the indicators received during the previous assessment with the one that has been carried out comparatively recently. The Grant Process Knowledge Principle has been applied rather loosely to the assessment of the production processes within the company. It can be suggested that the Grant assessment process should be paid much greater attention to. As long as an organization is capable of evaluating its process, it will retain its capacity of looking critically at its operations and, therefore, seek improvements.

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