Facebook Networking

Introduction and thesis statement

Facebook is the most adopted form of communication and social networking site among many people. It has millions of users since its discovery, and the numbers escalate now and then. Statistics show that almost half of Facebook followers open their accounts every day spending several hours chatting, uploading photos and videos, following different links and updating their status.

This social network emerged from by one Mark Zuckerberg (CEO), a 27-year-old gentleman residing in Palo Alto, California in the U.S.A. He studied at Harvard University for a duration of two years.

He started the outstanding project initially as ‘face-mash’ which gave a side by side comparison of students’ photos. This was later succeeded by ‘the Facebook’ after the school authorities took a disciplinary action on him. Now he owns about 30% of the FB shares. (Alef 47)

The Impact Of Facebook On Life

Facebook has made social networking easier. It enables chatting, messaging, uploading photos, videos and transacting business among people. Also, Facebook has expanded the social network of many people. This is through the making of pals online and continuous communication, commenting on their status, photos and posts. It is also clear that some students use Facebook to discuss academic issues.

However, there are negative effects evolving from this ‘social blessing.’ Most users indulge most of their time on Facebook ignoring their social role, families, and friends. This results in social isolation and communication problems among most users. Also, it is also a source of moral decay among the youth. Further, this social network is a source of insecurity and infringement of peoples’ privacy. (Left 79)

Positive aspects of Facebook

Efficient communication. In the old times, communication was via messengers and mails that took a long time to pass information. Later emails followed making it easier.

However, these were limited due to poor networks and inadequate devices for all people. With the advancing technology and innovation, faster internet connections and more efficient communication devices are now in use. With these developments, Facebook is among the best modes of exchange of information. (Miller 109)

Expansion of social network. This social network site has a weighty impact on the lives of people. People make friends and connect with their relatives all over the world.

Some people meet their soul mates through this site. Users can upload their photos, show their profiles and even message their friends. This allows users to know their friends well over the internet. Surprisingly, some marriages and long-lasting relationship are products of networking. It is now a highly celebrated and adored site among many people. (Alef 51)

Efficiency in transacting businesses. Facebook has set a platform for most business corporations to advertise their commodities. They are also able to get clients online from different parts of the globe and transact business operations in an efficient way making efficient business processes. (Miller 67)

Educative site. Facebook is one of the leading sites for knowledge acquisition. Research, educative, religious, music, entertainment, nature, and many other groups are active on this site. This gives users the opportunity to explore the world. People can pass peace messages, spiritual insights and knowledge to other users thus enriching them. Accordingly, this site can be used by students in learning and exchanging views on many issues. (Miller 59)

Negative effects of Facebook

Moral decay. Initially, the Facebook administrators were strict on uploading of filthy content such as pornographic photos and videos. Anyone who ignored this would have their account terminated. However, things are different now with increasing immorality on the site.

People post sexual content on this site polluting the minds of the users. This has resulted in degeneration of the minds of the young people especially. This is due to the unlimited access to the site. (Alef 23)

Facebook addiction. Facebook addiction is a problem. People ignore their normal lives and roles including school, offices, and family. People get used to frequent communication with their acquaintances online, flirting, exchange of snaps and chatting. This becomes a habit that is difficult to discard. Eventually, a person may end up losing their jobs and time.

Privacy. Most people give all or at least most of their personal information at the site involving their physical address, working or studying site. This brings about matters dealing with security and hacking. Some people receive threats online and even warnings from their enemies or criminals. (Left 13)

In conclusion, Facebook has hugely impacted the lives of many people. If used responsibly, it can yield fruits to the digital world.

However, if violated and used for wrong purposes such as crime, moral degeneration, and time-wasting site, then it becomes hazardous not only to the individual users but also to the economy and development of the world. Therefore, it is the greatest duty of the administrators, parents, teachers and even the people to promote the effective and productive use of this social network site. This will enhance learning and development.

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