Example of essay on god of carnage

God of Carnage is Tony’s Award winning one act comedy of Yasmina Reza.

The play starts with a congratulatory message from one of the parents who are in a meeting to discuss a fight amongst their children at school. The meeting is purposefully to discuss the happening where Annette and Benjamin hit Veronica and Henry causing him to lose his two teeth. Peaceful moods are witnessed as the respective couples show signs to bring the boys together and make things work well.
We can see them lose their tempers and a fight breaks out between these two couples, between gender and between individuals as well. When the fight starts, there is some kind of respect and indirect attacks are avoided. However, things break loose and it becomes too childish with all kinds of words tossed and thrashing with couch pillows are witnessed. There is also unnatural massacre, shot vomiting picture and wiping scenario that is full of comedy but very painful even in the pretense. The kind of picture created by these pictures exceeds the creativity in the comedy or even the humor added. It is witnessed that suppresses are easy targets for cheap laughs in the most efficient way possible.
We evidence one room action in this comedy with Annette and Allan walking out of the room halfway which doesn’t occur in very many plays.
They do put on the same costume apart from Annette, the wealth manager. Putting on some soft neutral shades, she hardly gives the tip the top power player in the finances. The most captivating point was when she was put in Capri pants, naked nylons and had to run for her purse. This showed an extended humor which in one way or the other could harm the character.
The set design of Patrick Du Wors effectively represents the middle of upper class living room with fitting culture and art which Veronica had acquired for years.