Estimating of Trump’s Chances to Win

Political news and events in recent weeks in the United States have significantly affected Trump’s ratings and made Biden a leader in the race. The president’s speaking at a debate and his coronavirus diagnosis reduced the approval and confidence of voters. However, even though Trump has a lower chance of winning than in the last election, there is still a chance due to the lack of all candidate’s campaigns.

At the end of October, Baden and Trump met in a national debate and, in general, both did not perform well. Both politicians were aggressive, shouted at each other, and the discussion had little sense. However, Trump’s refusal to condemn white supporters and more vague and unfair answers have diminished the confidence of voters. In addition, some people are also unhappy that the president has been diagnosed the coronavirus, since, most likely, he did not adhere to the rules during the last major meeting of Republicans. For this reason, Biden is ranked higher in some key states. Nonetheless, Trump has the support of the big states that can bring him the votes he needs or has an equal chance with Biden in some of them. Consequently, if his campaign makes an effort to attract votes, and the coronavirus does not interfere with this plan, then Trump has a chance of winning. Besides, Biden’s rating is also partially based not on the desire to see him as president, but on the possibility of removing Trump from this post.

Consequently, Trump has a low chance of winning, but he needs to correct the mistakes of the past weeks to achieve it. Attracting votes from the major states that supported him in the last elections is his main chance. In addition, Biden’s mistakes are also a beneficial change for Trump as it will help him get more votes in states that split their opinions if they refuse to come to the elections.