Ek physics

Gabrino, Juan Miguel M. ENGPHY1, 1. As I observed while riding both the Dodgem and Bump n’ Splash the direction of the force when my friends bumped me was same with the direction where the car of my friends are headed. According to Newton’s second law, an object that experiences an unbalance force will accelerate in the direction of the unbalanced force. 2. While riding the wheel of fate while it is continuously moving I felt the greatest acceleration at the bottom of the Ferris wheel. We don’t experience a great acceleration at the top because our weight pushes us toward the center so it cancels some forces that will give a greater acceleration while when we are at the bottom of the wheel both rotation and weight are acting on us so it results to a greater acceleration. As I observed the position of the horizon varies with my position like when I’m at the top the horizon is above eye level and vice versa. 3. As I observed when we sat perpendicular to the seat It gave us less sensation compared to when we’re leaning back. I think it is because of air resistance. We have less air resistance when we are leaning backwards so it gives us a sensational feeling compared when we are sitting perpendicular our bodies counter the force that air resistance gives so it gives us less sensation. 4. RIDE WAS UNAVAILABLE 5. While riding the Flying Fiesta and Up, Up and Away I felt the force was directed towards the center of the ride because I think it is because of the centripetal force. Because both rides will not continue to move in circles if there is no force pulling them towards the center and that is the job of the centripetal force. 6. RIDE WAS UNAVAILABLE 7. the force that I felt when I’m at the top of the loop is directed towards the ground because as explained in our class gravity and normal force are the only forces that acts on the shuttle so the direction is towards the ground. 8. As I observed there was no difference on how I felt on different positions while riding the Space Shuttle and the Roller Skater because the speed of the ride is same with both trials so the sensation is the same. 9. I’m in the opposite direction of the heaviest person in the group when we rode the Rio Grande Rapids that is why I’m not that wet because I think that the direction of the heaviest person is where the gondola always go so when we hit the water he is the one who gets wet most of the time.