Displays of business success during the great depression

Displays of Success during the Great Depression
The essay analyzes the presence of a good crop in a time of harsh weather conditions; the stand’s signs and relate them to its current inventory; comments on the desire to foster a reputation for honesty; reflects on the roles of the individuals in the photo; comments on the youths’ inclusion in the business.
Body Paragraph
The scene depicts a considerably successful farming enterprise at a time when America was feeling the effects of the great depression, and unfavorable weather conditions affected the productivity of other farmers in the country. A cursory glance suggests that in previous years, the stand was primarily fish-dependent but diversified to sell farm produce as well. The farm produce is varied and bountiful, indicating that the diversification into farming benefitted substantially from the availability of water in the region. There is no sign advertising farm produce so this may be a new venture for them. The sign points out that the shop uses honest weights, suggesting that unscrupulous merchants are a common thing in the depression era. The house mover’s business also gains some authenticity due to its relation to the honest fish dealer. The photo shows a lady in the background, two gentlemen in the shop with a young girl and two young men outside, and their positions suggest that all the male subjects actively participate in the business. The photo’s subjects are all relatively well-dressed except for the older boy, so he may be responsible for handling the menial tasks at the stand. The fact that the school-age youth handle the produce sales while the adults handle the more sophisticated in-store sales also indicates that in this era, business is an all-family affair.