Diet Coke Advertisement with Taylor Swift

These days, it is a common sight when advertisers tend to attract celebrities to promote the product. It is evident that such commercials are predominantly successful and allow to increase revenue. One of them is a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Coca-Cola Bottling Company’s Diet Coke brand, which considerably increased the popularity of the product. The campaign released several videos, and the purpose of the paper is to analyze the Stay Extraordinary version, depicting Taylor while composing one of her songs and her admirers enjoying its final version (Taylor Swift: Stay Extraordinary (Diet Coke Ad), 2013). The advertisement might seem naive to some extent, however, it can be explained by targeting teenagers and young people. Although it might exceedingly segmentalize the life path and activity of Taylor Swift, it leaves a pleasant and motivating impression after watching. Applying credibility of the name and emotional appeal, the video conveys the association between Coke and a portrait of a beautiful, skinny, and successful girl, creating an atmosphere of a cheerful and relaxed lifestyle.


An American pop singer, Taylor Swift, became the brand ambassador of Coca-Cola Bottling Company’s Diet Coke brand in January 2013, when the contract with the company was signed. It was the type of cooperation, which is commonly used by celebrities, and implied long-term partnership. According to the contract, the singer was featured in television, print, and digital advertising. The campaign received the name of Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary, which refers to its major slogan.

The time for publishing the first video was precisely appropriate. It responded to the increasing tendency of sticking to a healthy lifestyle and diet. A significant number of people started to avoid junk food and fizzy drinks, preferring to eat a meal, which is both rich in vitamins and harmless for keeping fit. Such a tendency threatened Coca-Cola’s success considerably and meant the revenue and popularity decline. This way, the startup of a dietic alternative was an efficient solution. In addition, applying Taylor Swift, a skinny woman, who was the hottest new trend at that moment, could be extremely beneficial for promotion.

Target Audience

First of all, the advertising campaign’s target audience covers Coke lovers, who had to stop purchasing it for the reason of intention to consume healthy food. A dietic alternative prevents the refusal of the fizzy drink at all. For such viewers, a slim, tall, and beautiful singer, Taylor Swift, appeared to be the orient or the ideal image, which they are determined to follow. In the advertisement video, this point is highlighted by showing the attractive appearance of the pop star, shooting her in different outfits and locations. The commercial regards their willingness to be healthy and fit without any severe food restrictions.

Secondly, this campaign is aimed to touch the vast audience of Taylor Swift’s admirers. Predominantly, her fans include teenage girls, who are determined to be skinny, as well as their idols. It is also worthy of note that teenagers are more likely to drink Coke as compared to other groups of the population. In addition, the commercial video demonstrates other teenagers, who are fond of the singer’s activity, enjoy spending time together and listening to her songs. This moment touches Taylor Swift’s admirers and encourages them to purchase the product.


The explicit message of the video is that whether a viewer is willing to be skinny and successful, as well as Taylor Swift, he or she should drink Coke. The beloved singer, who is fond of this beverage, is slim, which means she is healthy and beautiful. Such an image attracts not only the admirers but also other young girls. The advertisement is intended to convey the ideal example, which every young girl desires to achieve. This way, the video directors manage to create the representation of a perfect world and lifestyle, which appears to be the dream for every viewer.

Furthermore, the commercial attempts to promote a relaxed, but a prosperous lifestyle. The video depicts a picture, where people enjoy their working duties and achieve high results. The scenes of parties are demonstrated too, which creates an atmosphere of cheerful and easy-going life. Viewers associate drinking Diet Coke with fun and socializing with friends without any harm to their body shape. They also tend to be touched by Taylor’s life path. All the aforementioned aspects draw an appealing image, which stimulates people and especially the singer’s fans to purchase the product.

Rhetorical Strategies

As for rhetorical strategies, the commercial involves applying the ethos by paying attention to the celebrity’s name’s credibility. Taylor Swift conveys the representation of a young attractive and talented girl, who can both sing in a pretty voice and write moving songs about her concerns. These days, it is a widely known fact that people tend to trust the advertisement and are more likely to purchase the product in case they see someone familiar or someone they admire.

The directors also resource such a rhetorical strategy as pathos. Taylor Swift can establish a special connection to the audience via her music, which is supposed to reflect her personal experience. This aspect is highlighted in the video by showing scenes where the signer is sitting alone in the living room and attempting to share her concerns via music and song. The next episode demonstrates a man, driving a car and singing this song loudly. It is evident that the worries, which are reflected in it, touch him significantly. This way, viewers tend to feel an emotional connection with Taylor Swift.


Nevertheless, the commercial contains some fallacies, which can be contradicting. As was stated above, the presence of Taylor Swift contributes to creating the image of a slim and beautiful young girl. Nowadays, these characteristics are perceived as the feature of the perfect physical condition. Today, shapeliness equals the lack of problems with health. The viewer learns from the advertisement that drinking Coke is a part of a healthy and successful life.

However, such a message does not match reality completely, as drinking Coke constantly may increase the risks of a wide range of medical conditions. It is also worth mentioning that its overconsumption leads to problems with the skin and digestive system, as well as affects other parts of people’s organisms. For this reason, the celebrity’s Taylor’s Diet Coke endorsement had a contradiction in the Medical Daily, as Taylor is an active fighter against cancer and donated significant sums of money to charity.


In summary, the commercial collaboration between Taylor Swift and Coca-Cola Bottling Company’s Diet Coke brand was intended to target young people, namely teenagers. The Stay Extraordinary version conveys the connection between the beauty and shapeliness of the celebrity and drinking Diet Coke and creates the impression that consuming the beverage is a part of a successful and cheerful life. Today, advertising art is well developed, and a variety of promotion methods are applied. This video appears to be an excrement example of such development. Therefore, the probable reaction of the viewers is positive, and they will be encouraged to purchase the product.

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