Daybreak express essay sample

1. In “ Daybreak Express” what happens with the beat of the music and the tempo? In “ Daybreak Express” the beat and the tempo of the music is it keeps speeding up and getting more fast pace2. What mode of transportation was a favorite of Ellington’s and is imitated in several of his songs? Ellingtons favorite mode of transportation would riding the train. 3. What song was the theme song of Duke Ellington’s band? The theme song of Duke Ellingtons band is “ Take the A train”. 4. What instrument does Ellington use to set the mood or rhythm of some of his songs, such as in Sophisticated Lady? Duke Ellington uses the piano to set the mood or rhythm of some of his songs. Ellington started sneaking into Frank Holiday’s Poolroom at the age of fourteen. Hearing the poolroom pianists play ignited Ellington’s love for the instrument and he began to take his piano studies seriously. 5. What does “ program music” do? Program music is instrumental music that tells a story with explicit episodes or reveals facets of a character. Part II

1. Find an example of onomatopoeia in “ Dream Boogie” and another in “ The Weary Blues.” In Dream Boogie and example would be : Hey Pop, Re-bop, Mop Y-E-A-H and an example In The Weary Blues it would be: He made that poor piano MOAN. 2. Find an example of assonance in “ Dream Boogie” and another in “ The Weary Blues.” Examples of assonance pop, re-bop, mop; lazy sway & poor piano moan. 3. In “ The Weary Blues” look at the format of the poem. Notice the lines which are indented. How does this compare to “ call and response” used in Jazz? When they say, “ Oh Blues,” and “ Sweet Blues!” it’s similar to the responses of the congregation to a minister, when the group says, “ Oh, yeah!” and “ Say it, Brother!” 4. In “ The Weary Blues” there are several examples of personification. List at least two examples. The two examples are Piano moan & sleep like a rock5. In “ The Weary Blues” what words set a tone for the poem? What is the tone? Lazy, moan, sad, melancholy, troubles, weary, died. Sad, fatigued. 6. In “ Dream Boogie” look at the beat of the lines. What happens as the poem evolves? How does this compare with “ Daybreak Express” by Duke Ellington? They get shorter, thus faster. It makes the person sound more happy & excited. 7. Compare “ Dream Boogie” with “ The Weary Blues.” How do the moods of the two poems differ? The mood of the first is happy & excited, the second sad & tired.