Dating and Relationships Changes

The most significant change related to dating and relationships in the present-day world is the technological development which led to the emergence of numerous online platforms for this purpose. However, this trend is not as positive as one could expect since it creates new challenges for single adults. On the stage of dating, people find it difficult to reveal the truth about their potential partners (Barroso, 2020). Therefore, they frequently deal with lies about one’s appearance or life circumstances.

The complexity of online dating is confirmed by some other facts from recent research. Thus, only a small share of adults are in a committed relationship with a person they met online (Vogels, 2020). This indicator is slightly higher for LGB adults, but the difference is still insignificant (Vogels, 2020). This outcome proves that the presence of such a variety of dating apps does not indicate greater success in finding an appropriate partner. Moreover, the situation is complicated by people’s inability to concentrate on each other instead of their phones when finally meeting in real life (Vogels & Anderson, 2020). Therefore, the seeming efficiency of online dating is a mere illusion.

The paradox of the described change is in the availability of means of communication which, on the contrary, deteriorates relationships and decreases the chances for adults to build a healthy family. This is especially significant in the present-day society when people tend to spend hours on their phones instead of going out. The most surprising thing, in this case, is the impossibility of reversing this process since one’s efforts in finding people outside online platforms might not be successful without the support of this initiative by others.


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