Critical reading, thinking or writing;

Critical Reading, Thinking, Writing AFFILIATION: Critical Reading, Thinking or Writing In today’s time, IT companies are seeking individuals who can give them competitive edge over their competitors. This can only be achieved if the employees of a company have good analytical skills. Hence, such companies will hire individuals who have the ability to critically read, write and think because only then these individuals can apply analytical skills.
Critical thinking can be regarded as thinking which is achieved by means of certain tactics and skills. The use of these tactics and skills increases the likelihood of a desired result (Halpern, 1998). Similarly, critical reading and critical writing would also involve the use of some strategies. Hence, we can conclude that ‘ critical’ means using certain strategies and tactics.
An information technology professional needs to perform functions like technical writing, SEO writing and programming etc. In order to carry out such responsibilities, IT professionals need to evaluate the data and set of programming skills which can only be achieved if he/she thinks critically.
Hence, it can be concluded that critical thinking, reading and writing are essential for an IT professional to gain an edge over other employees.

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