Conflict resolution paper assignment

Conflict Resolution Paper Team C Chritopher Labee 4/25/2010 At NJVC there was only one employee who was willing to try to resolve the conflict that existed in the organization among the employees and the Lead Manager. The team members were mad at one team member because she would not turn against the Lead Manager. They wanted her to turn against him and when she didn’t they treated her unfairly. The employees at NJVC did not communicate with each other to try to resolve the group conflict that existed, the manager had poor communication skills.

NJVC did not value the manager and their employees because they should have trained their manager thoroughly in a Manager Trainee Program so that he would have been taught the necessary skills to be able to run the day to day operations of a business. In chapter 9 of the text on page 215 Table 9. 1 compares Constructive Conflict and Destructive Conflict. Table 9. 1 Constructive Conflict: Focus on issues, Respect for others, Supportiveness, Flexibility, Cooperation, Commitment to conflict management Destructive Conflict:

Personal attacks Insults Defensiveness Inflexibility Competition Conflict avoidance In my own opinion the group should have applied constructive conflict in order to come up with a conflict resolution. This would have allowed each group member to have an opportunity to solve the groups conflict. They applied more of a destructive conflict approach. When group members apply a destructive conflict approach it does not allow for a resolution to be applied to a group conflict resolution.