“Close My Eyes” by Mariah Carey

In the lyrics to her song, Mariah Carey tells a personal story. It is about a wayward child with great inner experiences who went through a difficult life path. She tries to forget and overcome the bad in her past. Nevertheless, having already matured, the narrator remembers her childhood, wishing to return to that period. Further, she argues that she could have lost her inner child at some point but realized this in time. Finally, she turns to her guardian angel who protects her all along the life path. The line “And I try to forget,” followed by the chorus, indicates that childhood memories help the author to forget bad things that happened to her in the past. Interestingly, in the chorus the “time rolls by,” referring to something abstract, to her dreams. The last verse, “Orange clouds roll by,” emphasizes that now she is in the present, observing more real things around her. Thus, Mariah Carey tells a story of her personal development and growing up. She went through difficulties but continued to move forward, realizing that she can overcome new obstacles on the way.