Breathe right strips

A critical analysis of the case shows that while there are concerted efforts in attempting to establish Breathe Right Strips in the global market, the initiative has often been dampened by quite a number of factors which need to be identified then take the most appropriate action that would seek to entrench the product in the global markets. The main problem is that the product seemed not to be fully known yet across the global markets hence there would be need for concerted efforts to effectively market the product right from the local markets in targeted countries until the targeted potential customers have grasped some basic knowledge about it rather than just going international whilst the product itself is not yet even known fully in some sectors of the economy. Basically, the summary of the problem identified in the case is the attempt to establish a product in the global market where the bulk of the consumers are only those who already have knowledge about its existence raising fears that the product may not be well known in the global markets it is being targeted for.
Indeed, it is a bit challenging and difficult to establish a product that is categorised as an aTc in a global market. Basically, aTc is commonly used to refer to, over the counter product where customers do not necessarily need any prescription from the Doctor to purchase such a product. Likewise, the Breath Right Strip falls in the same category though it serves a lot of purposes. This product is used for various purposes such as helping breathe better through the nose, can be used by athletes, is also effective for snores and cold sufferers. This product was invented by Bruce Johnson, a chronic nasal congestion sufferer who later showed his invention to CNS, a supposedly small marketing company which recognized its marketing potential. Within a short while, the product proved to be gaining substantial recognition in the US, and there was also growing interest internationally about the product which probed CNS to go global and target countries with a large aTc market as well as those with a high per capita spending on the aTc markets.
However, the performance as well as the perception of the product in the global markets is quite different from its country of origin, the US in this particular case. There is need to refine the message about the product to meet the standard expectations of the local markets of the countries being penetrated by the product. There is also need to evaluate the partnerships as well as marketing strategies since it would be equally difficult for the product to simply establish itself in the market without the aid of working together with other already established localised markets that would bring in a wealth of local expertise and direct selling capabilities. This would greatly enhance in bridging the gap that may exist among some potential customers who may lack the knowledge about the product in that it would be sold from behind the counter which requires a lot of awareness campaigns.
The assertion that the primary appearance of the Breath Right Strip did not match the same expectations in the international markets as in the US bears testimony that appearance of a product is very important and there are various factors that appeal to different customers in different regions hence there is need to take this into consideration to achieve a state of competitive growth.
It is always highly recommended that when you are launching a new product in the market, you should first try to identify your target market. This can be done through segmenting the market on the basis of various factors that are often considered as the major determinants that are used in trying to differentiate the different categories of people. People can be segmented on the basis of level of income, level of education and other demographic factors such as age, sex, marital status as well as cultural values. This is very important as it would determine the level of spending on a product by any particular group of people in a market segment. In this particular case, Breadth Right Strip is a product that is often required by people with special cases especially with breathing problems. Therefore, it can be noted that not everyone has got that particular problem hence there would be need to tailor your messages in certain ways that would capture the attention of the potential clients at the first glance since it would be quite a unique product targeted at a market comprising of people with special needs.
There is need to fully grasp the cultural values of the people in the markets you would be targeting so as to tailor your marketing messages in such ways that would appeal to the value system of the targeted customers. When marketing a new product especially in a global market, there is need to refine the messages so that they would meet the standards of the local markets in that particular country or area so as to promote easier understanding by different stakeholders. This would present the product in the best favourable way that may appeal to the targeted market. Basically it is very important to manage the way a product is presented in the market. It is also very important to closely monitor how the product would be performing in the market.
It is also important to establish partnerships with locals who would have a wealth of local market expertise as a way of trying to capture the attention of even those people who may not be aware of the product. What is more important is attempting to spread as much knowledge as possible to a wide range of people and this can be easily achieved by incorporating local market structures.
Over and above, it can be concluded that an attempt to establish a product especially in a global market is not a very easy feat as it requires a lot of careful consideration especially of various factors that may determine how the product would be perceived in those particular markets. That particular product should appeal to the greatest number of potential customers. To achieve this, there is need for careful consideration of the product message that is tailored to appeal to a wide range of people.