Biomolecules essay

Biomolecules Essay Before this year, I could never remember what DNA stood for, but now, not only do I know that it stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, I also know that there is another kind of nucleic acid called Ribonucleic Acid. RNA is an imitation for DNA, and like all imitations it is not a perfect replica so therefore it has small differences, and these small differences house the properties and opportunities for mutations and therefore it causes evolution, which allows us to adapt to our environment. I also learned the specifics of the passing of genetic material from parents to offspring. This is done through RNA, which can create some slight confusion because the general public knows that DNA houses the ‘ blue prints” of our anatomy. However, this is the difference: DNA is a double helix which means that it has 2 strands. RNA however, has a single strand, so it is started but incomplete; which means that it needs another complimentary strand to become a complete DNA helix. So when reproduction occurs, both parts, male and female, combine each of the two strands given to form the offspring’s DNA and significant shape. If you dig down deeper to the “ building blocks” of DNA and RNA, you will see that each of them is made of three substances and only one varies in between the two: the sugars. DNA has Deoxyribose while RNA has only Ribose. The similarities are the nitrogenous bases and phosphorus groups. Each has four chemicals which are Adenine, Guanine, and Cytosine; but here is where is changes: DNA has Thymine and RNA has Uracil. DNA is in all biotic things because one of the seven (or eight) traits of life is cells; which only biotic species contain. For instance, a rock doesn’t have cells, only minerals; therefore, a rock is abiotic. Biotics contain DNA, and DNA is made of nucleic acids (which are polymers because they are many). Nucleic acids are made of many monomers called “ nucleotides” which are the smallest and lowest you can go to make DNA. It’s as if it was the foundation or base floor of a skyscraper.