America’s Language and Culture


The American culture is one of the most diverse cultures in the world. This is due to the number of historical events that have influenced its formation. English is the most widely used language in America and it was established during the British colonial rule. Although the country lacks a definite national language, English is used by at least 80% of the population. The second major language spoken in the United States is Spanish which is used by 12% of the population. There are other languages in the American culture, although they are not very widely used nationally.

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In the past, psychologists have had debates about if language can influence the way people think and research has proven that it is possible. The way we talk has a great influence on the way we see the world and how we respond to situations. Different countries have different cultures, and the languages used in each country have a significant influence on shaping its culture. In a country where the culture is greatly divided into social classes, the language has a variety of dialects. On the one hand, the country which culture lacks pronounced social divisions will have a limited number of words in its languages. America is a culturally diverse country and it has a wide range of vocabulary.

Language has the proverbial effect on changing one’s attitude towards something or someone either positively or negatively. Some languages are considered to be vulgar and inappropriate, while others are considered to be polite and gentle. Some languages use euphemistic expressions, while others do not see the differences in creating perceptions. The American English language is very polite and most of its vocabularies are less offensive. The use of courteous vocabularies changes the individual’s attitude while the opposite is true. For instance, the use of polite words like Please and Thank You which are very common in the United States have a great impact on the attitudes of individuals living there.

Having a national language has many benefits. One of the very fundamental benefits of a national language is that it is crucial in promoting literacy. It becomes easier to promote and spread knowledge in a population through one common language as opposed to multiple languages. Official languages enhance national building since people can communicate effectively with each other. A national language also preserves national unity where language barriers can separate people and create social gaps. For the national government, a national language averts the need for translation of national documents hence saving the government the expenses through such expenditures. The only problem that arises with a national language is that it undermines and destroys our cultural diversity.


Going by the current statistics, English is the most spoken language in America today. Almost every immigrant living in America is advised to learn the language to fit in the society. Therefore, it would be reasonable to make English the national language in the United States of America. This will compromise the cultural diversity in the country, but it will make interaction easier especially in education, business, and politics as well. A national language will also help in unifying the country and hence promoting peace and a sense of nationalism. Therefore, it is clear that the benefits of having a national language supersede the harms.